The star of the party coloring

The star of the party

This is the star of the party because it is very happy and it can play the trumpet and beautiful songs which we don´t know where it learned but we like them. So, while we are listening to the music, we can color this special drawing.

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Star with scarf coloring

Star with scarf

It´s winter so we have to wear gloves and scarf because it´s cold. The stars are cold, too so we can see them with a scarf which you have to color and then, you can share or maybe, you can print and decorate the Christmas tree. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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The stars and a cat coloring

The stars and a cat

The stars are around the cat for saving it. It is a wonderful night and our cat wanted to look for a comfortable place and he found it. The moon is the best bed for it and now, we have to color the animal, the moon and the stars.

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Asleep star coloring

Asleep star

This is a different star because she has got her pillow and she is going to sleep. Maybe, you can draw the closed eyes and then, this picture will be ready for coloring. Let´s begin!.

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Heart and stars coloring

Heart and stars

A heart and some stars are the characters of this picture. On the one hand, the heart is like a planet and the stars go around it. Perhaps, if you see to the sky, you will be able to find them.

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Duck is sleeping coloring

Duck is sleeping

Perhaps, there isn´t any comfortable place for sleeping like that. The duck is on the moon and it has many stars for looking after him. If you like this drawing, you can print and then, color it.

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Shooting Star coloring

Shooting Star

A shooting star with scarf because we can see it in the sky and there, it is so cold. Sometimes we can see it but it´s something difficult, though if you can see it, you must make a wish.

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Happy star coloring

Happy star

This star is so happy and we can see that smile on her face. Maybe, she is with another one but today she is the only one on this sheet, so, we have to color her in two minutes. Do you like it?.

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