Missing vowels coloring

Missing vowels

In this exercises the vowels are missing and you have to find them. First, you have to look at each picture and the task will be easier. Write the names about winter things or clothes and you will finish this exercise. It´s so easy, so, don´t waste the time.

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How to draw a rose coloring

How to draw a rose

If you want to draw a rose but you don´t know how, here it is a tutorial. It´s a draw which you have to follow step by step…it´s so easy. When you practice twice, you will be able to draw it with close eyes.

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Numbers and colors coloring

Numbers and colors

This worksheet is for young learners because they have to color the crown with the colors below it. They will enjoy with this task and they will have a good time. Don´t waste time…let´s print!.

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Animal Puzzle coloring

Animal Puzzle

This worksheet is for printing and coloring because it will be funnier than without colors. Then, you have to cut the pictures and children will have to order them. It´s an easy game for toddlers.

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Pencil coloring


If we want to draw or we want to write the letters, we need this object. It is a pencil and we need it in class and in each subject, so here you are. This one, you have to color it and then, you will be able to use it.

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Feelings coloring


How are you today? we hope that you are fine or great because you have to do this worksheet. It´s easy, so you have to draw the feeling that you can see on the left side and you can color them after drawing the faces.

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Easy verbs coloring

Easy verbs

This worksheet is for learning verbs. First, we can write it and then, when we learn it, we will know how to use it. It´s an easy task and it is for little kids and it´s a resource for teachers or parents. You have to print it and you will be able to do it.

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Your first car coloring

Your first car

Do you know to draw a car? if the answer is no, don´t worry because today we are going to teach you. There is a car on the sheet, but it´s a car with dots and it isn´t finished, so you have to connect the dots by drawing a line. it´s so easy and you will be able to draw a car when you want.

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Days of the week coloring

Days of the week

This is an easy task for children. They have to complete this exercise which has many colors and they will spend a good time with it. It´s a resource for teachers or parents that only they have to print and let children enjoy with it.

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Daily routine coloring

Daily routine

This is an educational worksheet where kids will have to order these daily routines. They have to think of what they do every morning, so it will be easy. Sheets for parents and for teachers, too. Only you can print, it´s an easy task for you, too.

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Wooden House coloring

Wooden House

Here you are a wooden house for coloring. It is in the middle of the wood and it´s a quiet place where we can relax and enjoy each moment of our lives. The house has four windows and one door…(one door is enough).

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A little dragon coloring

A little dragon

A little dragon for coloring, but he isn´t like the others but he is a trendy dragon as you can see. He has brushed his hair and he wears a nice necklace. There isn´t any fire from his mouth…he looks like a boy or, is he a girl?. What do you think about it?.

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Funny train coloring

Funny train

Today, you don´t have to color any picture because it is coloured and it´s very funny. It´s a train with many colors. We can see the blue, pink and green one with flowers…Do you like it? It´s a good picture for decorating your books.

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Tom and Jerry for coloring coloring

Tom and Jerry for coloring

Everybody knows Tom and Jerry and their adventures, because they always fight but I know that, maybe, they love each other. So, in this picture, we can see them very funny. They are dressed with a special suit. I like this couple, and you?.

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Three friends are playing coloring

Three friends are playing

Three friends are playing in the garden. The two boys are swaying the girl who is on the swing. It´s a friendship drawing where can see that it is very important for our lives. If you have good friends, you can print and color it, then you will have a perfect present.

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The elephant says hi coloring

The elephant says hi

The elephant says hi because he is very polite. When you see someone who is walking by your side or when you come in the shop, you must say hi, if you want to be polite like our friend the elephant. Now, we can practice with him, but first, we have to print and color him.

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