All about Tweety coloring

All about Tweety

Do you know all about Tweety?. Maybe, you know many thing about him. He is a little and yellow bird, but he doesn´t like cats. Well, one of them it is called Sylvester. So, Sylvester and Tweety love and hate each other. They fight but they care about another one. Do you understand that?.

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Tweety is playing coloring

Tweety is playing

Tweety is a bird which lives many adventures but today he is playing with his toys. One of them is a cat, a little Sylvester. The canary plays with it every morning and afternoon…he enjoys with the toy.

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Tweety wears a bow-tie coloring

Tweety wears a bow-tie

Where is the party? we don´t know but maybe Tweety knows that, because he is ready for a big party. He wears a special bow-tie which has stars and little things for coloring. Besides, Tweety wears a hat…our bird is handsome.

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Tweety is angry coloring

Tweety is angry

We don´t know what is happening but if we see this picture, we can see that Tweety is very angry. It´s something strange because he likes enjoying the time but today it isn´t so. We can help him and for that, we have to print this picture and color it.

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Tweety is Cupid coloring

Tweety is Cupid

Cupid was the God of love because he threw the Cupid´s arrows and people fell in love each other. In this picture, we can see another Cupid. Tweety is the main character for this job, but we don´t know if his aim is perfect. Be careful with him.

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