Autumn Princess coloring

Autumn Princess

She is an autumn princess because we can see her when that season arrives. She has curly hair and she is so pretty. Besides, she wears a wonderful dress which has many leaves in gold. So, you have to color her quickly because the spring princess will arrive next week.

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A couple of birds coloring

A couple of birds

Today we are going to color two birds because we like them and their songs. They have got many colours and they are free so they can fly where they want. First, you can print this picture and then, you can give it some color.

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A new car coloring

A new car

Our neighbour bought a new car and we can see everyday because it is parked in front of my house. It is beautiful because it has got a bright colour and my neighbour clean it twice a week.

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Barbie in the forest coloring

Barbie in the forest

Barbie is walking with two friends, the beard and the horse who don´t leave her alone. We don´t know what they are looking for but maybe, it has to be very important because the night is coming and they will have to come back home.

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Picnic coloring


It´s spring and today it´s sunny and hot, so our friends are having fun with a picnic. They have got much food and juice, but suddenly they hear a noise and other Angry Birds are coming. It doesn´t matter because there is much food for everybody.

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Three houses in winter coloring

Three houses in winter

It´s a village in winter. The houses are small and they are covered with snow. It´s cold but people are very friendly and they go to visit each other, so they don´t care about the cold. Color it and enjoy with this town.

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A beautiful place coloring

A beautiful place

When we see this picture, just we can think of a fantasy place, where the grass has a special green and de flowers has special colors, too. There isn´t any noise, only the birds who are singing wonderful songs. If you want to feel that, print it and decorate your books with it.

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