Up house for coloring coloring

Up house for coloring

Have you ever seen the film which was called Up?. It is a romantic story about a couple and their love which can move their house to a better place. Because when we are in love we do everything, so today, we are going to color this house which can fly over the sky.

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It´s raining coloring

It´s raining

it´s raining and this ant doesn´t want to get wet, so she has found a shelter. If we look at the sky, we can see the clouds but the sun is there. Meanwhile, we are going to color this drawing.

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Asleep star coloring

Asleep star

This is a different star because she has got her pillow and she is going to sleep. Maybe, you can draw the closed eyes and then, this picture will be ready for coloring. Let´s begin!.

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Heart and stars coloring

Heart and stars

A heart and some stars are the characters of this picture. On the one hand, the heart is like a planet and the stars go around it. Perhaps, if you see to the sky, you will be able to find them.

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Duck is sleeping coloring

Duck is sleeping

Perhaps, there isn´t any comfortable place for sleeping like that. The duck is on the moon and it has many stars for looking after him. If you like this drawing, you can print and then, color it.

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Shooting Star coloring

Shooting Star

A shooting star with scarf because we can see it in the sky and there, it is so cold. Sometimes we can see it but it´s something difficult, though if you can see it, you must make a wish.

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Happy star coloring

Happy star

This star is so happy and we can see that smile on her face. Maybe, she is with another one but today she is the only one on this sheet, so, we have to color her in two minutes. Do you like it?.

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Angels for cut and paste coloring

Angels for cut and paste

In this picture, we can see a boy and a girl. They are angels and they can fly with their white wings, but they also play the trumpet and the harp. They are the happiest in the world because they are together and they can do what they want.

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A plane with scarf coloring

A plane with scarf

Have you ever seen a plane with scarf?. We haven´t but today we give you a drawing where we can see it. It´s a funny plane and it likes enjoying in the sky and it likes traveling around the world.

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Angel and star coloring

Angel and star

This angel has his wings but they aren´t the only one present for him. He found a star which is shining in his hands and maybe, it will grant him some desires but he is so good and he will ask for health for everybody.

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Spreading the love coloring

Spreading the love

We are in the clouds with the Care Bears and here we can see what the world needs. I think that the world needs love and the bears think of it, too, so they are spreading many hearts for people and we hope that you can take one of them.

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Little Angel coloring

Little Angel

A little angel who is a girl was sitting on the cloud when she heard a noise. She stands up and looks at the sky but she cannot know what that noise was, when suddenly, she looked around the cloud and she can see a little bird which was lost.

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