A letter with love coloring

A letter with love

People don´t write many letters as ten years ago. We can find many stories and feelings in it, because the pen could express what we can´t do with words. In this letter we can find so much love with heart and butterflies, which you can share if you want.

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Fruit and vegetables for coloring coloring

Fruit and vegetables for coloring

Perhaps, you cannot see the fruit or the vegetables but, they are there. This exercise is to complete with the colors on the right side and when you finally, that, you will be able to see all vegetables. Print and begin it with the first color…are you ready for that?.

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Friends and Love coloring

Friends and Love

They are friends but they share more things that they can imagine. They are playing football and they want the same ball but the don´t fight because he like her very much and we think that she likes him. A drawing of friendship that you can color and share it with your best friends.

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Party invitation coloring

Party invitation

If you want a party invitation, here it is. It´s a simple picture which you can print and write the name of your friends. Don´t forget to write the date and place because we don´t want them to lose the party. Don´t waste time and let´s begin.

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A beautiful rose coloring

A beautiful rose

This is a beautiful rose but it needs some color. When you color it, you can give it to someone. If you like the flowers, this one can like you so much. But, don´t waste time and color it now.

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Watermelon coloring


This is a piece of watermelon which we have to color, but first, we want to remind you that it is a fruit with much water and it´s healthy for us. Now, we have to print and color it.

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Fruits for coloring coloring


Many fruits and with different colors and vitamins. Which do you prefer? if you want to eat grapes, they will help your blood. If you want to eat carrots, they will help your seeing. Meanwhile, you can color them.

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Pencil coloring


If we want to draw or we want to write the letters, we need this object. It is a pencil and we need it in class and in each subject, so here you are. This one, you have to color it and then, you will be able to use it.

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A beautiful mask coloring

A beautiful mask

It´s a different mask for each girl who wants to dress up as a princess. Maybe, you will need a dress with many colors and frills for a mask like that. Today, you don´t have to color it, just only you have to print it.

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Angel of love coloring

Angel of love

She is an angel and she has got two wings, but she isn´t a simple angel, she is the angel of love. She can do that people love each other and they don´t fight. We need her and we can print and color her.

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A castle and the witch coloring

A castle and the witch

At first sight, it is a castle with a bridge and many towers but if we look at the sky, we can see a witch which is flying over the castle. She is thinking of a magic, but we don´t know if it will be good or bad.

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Little Butterfly coloring

Little Butterfly

Is it a butterfly?, is it a girl?, we think that it is a combination of both. On the one hand, she has got wings and on the other hand, she has a dress and two arms and feet. A drawing for children.

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Monster Mask coloring

Monster Mask

If you want a different costume, here you are a scary mask. It is a monster with two fangs and big ears. You can print it and then, you can color it. Maybe, the green and brown color will be perfect in it.

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Mickey Mouse and his car coloring

Mickey Mouse and his car

Mickey Mouse has bought a new car and he is so happy. Today he is going to show it to his girlfriend, Minnie. They are going to visit many places and everybody will be able to see the car and its colors.

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