Tom and Jerry for coloring coloring

Tom and Jerry for coloring

Everybody knows Tom and Jerry and their adventures, because they always fight but I know that, maybe, they love each other. So, in this picture, we can see them very funny. They are dressed with a special suit. I like this couple, and you?.

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A snake for coloring coloring

A snake for coloring

It´s dangerous but now, we get the power because we can print and color ir. It´s a snake which is coiled on the tree and it can see its victims for attacking them. Maybe, if you look into its eyes, you could see that it isn´t as dangerous as it seems.

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A bear with a big heart coloring

A bear with a big heart

It´s a picture for coloring and give to that special person. A bear gives us a big heart, in which you can write your feelings or draw another picture, if you want. At first sight it can be boring, but we know how to change that. It needs colours and we have them.

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A preschool for coloring coloring

A preschool for coloring

This is a funny worksheet where you have to circle and draw different fishes. It´s special for kids because they have to think and see and then, they can color that it´s something that they love. Print it for them to do the homework and you can help them, too.

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