A cake which sings coloring

A cake which sings

A cake is something very important for birthday but this one is more important than anyone. The cake has a candle and it likes singing, so we think that the party will be a success. You can share it with your partners.

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Tweety wears a bow-tie coloring

Tweety wears a bow-tie

Where is the party? we don´t know but maybe Tweety knows that, because he is ready for a big party. He wears a special bow-tie which has stars and little things for coloring. Besides, Tweety wears a hat…our bird is handsome.

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A snake for coloring coloring

A snake for coloring

It´s dangerous but now, we get the power because we can print and color ir. It´s a snake which is coiled on the tree and it can see its victims for attacking them. Maybe, if you look into its eyes, you could see that it isn´t as dangerous as it seems.

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Angels are looking at something coloring

Angels are looking at something

We can see two angels on the clouds who are looking at something but they don´t know what it is. Well, neither them nor we…so, if you can find out, you will have to match the numbers and you will know it. Then, you can color this beautiful picture.

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Just Married coloring

Just Married

You can color this couple. A bride and a groom who have married and they are so happy. They go to their honeymoon in a decorated car with many tins. One of the most beautiful moments in you life, so you can share this picture with your partners.

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A king for coloring coloring

A king for coloring

He is not only a knight but, he is the king of one peaceable kingdom. He is a good person and everybody loves him. If you like the age of empires, you have an opportunity for coloring them. First, you should print it and then, color it.

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