Kitchen for coloring coloring

Kitchen for coloring

This is a clean kitchen and we can see many things in it. Every one can be coloured by us…Would you like it?. Choose your colors and you can start with the fridge or the oven. Maybe, this picture can be used like an activity where children have to write the name of the things that they see.

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Beauty and The Beast coloring

Beauty and The Beast

The Beauty has got a mirror and she can see the Beast in it. He is sad but the princess is in love with him but it isn´t an easy way. Love can move mountains, so she has to look for him and when they are together, they will be happy.

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A plane broke down coloring

A plane broke down

This plane is line a human, because we need the doctors when we are ill and the planes need the mechanic when they are broken down. This is a picture of that and you have to color if you like planes and this drawing.

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Dylan coloring


If your son is Dylan, you can print this picture for decorating his room or maybe his books. Dylan is a beautiful name which means son of the sea and it´s an old hero. This name has got many variants such as Dillon or Dyllon. It is so popular that here it is.

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The stars and a cat coloring

The stars and a cat

The stars are around the cat for saving it. It is a wonderful night and our cat wanted to look for a comfortable place and he found it. The moon is the best bed for it and now, we have to color the animal, the moon and the stars.

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Winnie The Pooh is fishing coloring

Winnie The Pooh is fishing

Winnie The Pooh and his friend were fishing when, suddenly, Piglet fell into the water and he cannot swim so, his friend had to fish him. It was a different day but both learned many important things and one of them, it was the friendship. After that, they will be friends forever.

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Number one coloring

Number one

This is the number one but this dog wants it for him. We have to hurry if we want to color this picture, because the dog is very fast. Don´t waste time and prepare your colored chalks.

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Easy Crossword coloring

Easy Crossword

This is an easy game for kids. It is a crossword where you can find many words about things or animals and color. First, you can print this picture and then, enjoy it but take it easy.

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Tangram puzzle coloring

Tangram puzzle

Tangram puzzle is a game and for playing with it, you will need a sheet of paper. Maybe, you can print this one and then, you can make many figures like animals or people. A different game for children and parents.

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Number Six coloring

Number Six

Today, our children will have to study the number six. First, they write its shape and then, they will be able to write the number with letters. It´s an easy task that you can print. A good resource for parents and teachers.

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Chinese Dragon coloring

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon is a mythological animal which has got horns, scales and wings. It is related to men and with the weather, but today, we are going to color this animal and then, we can share it.

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Number two coloring

Number two

Today we are going to color the number two. It is a beautiful drawing with a number and two friends. They are two mice which are playing above the number, so we have to color these animals, too.

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Christmas tree coloring

Christmas tree

When Christmas arrives, our house has to be decorated and one important thing for that is the Christmas tree. In this picture, we can see how elves are doing this job, so, we can help them with different colors.

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Letter E coloring

Letter E

Today, we are going to color the letter E. There are many words which begin with with letter such as elephant or enemy. If your name begins with this letter, you can print it and decorate your room.

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Minnie is dancing coloring

Minnie is dancing

Minnie is dancing because she has done everything what she had to do and now, she wants to have a good time with music. She is a good dancer and we can see her in this picture which we are going to color.

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