Doraemon and friends coloring

Doraemon and friends

Doraemon is very happy because he is with his friends. One of them is called Nobita who is a child and a bad student. Besides, in this picture, Shizuka appears, too. She is a funny girl and, I have to say that Nobi loves her. You have to color all characters if you like them.

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A mask for carnival coloring

A mask for carnival

If you have a special party and you want to wear a mask, here you are. Nobody will know who you are, but first, you will have to print, cut and color it. It´s an easy work, but anyway you will need time to do it. Call your friends because the work is easier when you have some help.

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Ben 10 for coloring coloring

Ben 10 for coloring

He is Ben10, a boy who can change his appearance with a little help. His watch is the guilty because it gives him many adventures. Now, we can play with him if we want to color him. Let´s begin with basic colors because Ben10 likes them so much.

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A police car for coloring coloring

A police car for coloring

The police is coming with a big car, which has headlights in blue and red. The policemen always go around the streets for catching thieves, so our town is safer. Now, we can print this car and then, color it. It´s so easy and funny…Try it.

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Snow-White with her friends coloring

Snow-White with her friends

Snow-White is talking with her friends. We know her because she is a princess and she has white skin, besides, animals love her because she is a good and nice girl. Today, you can color her and her beautiful dress…don´t forget the rabbit and squirrels.

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Friends on bike coloring

Friends on bike

Friendship is a feeling that we have to share with people. Many activities can be done when we are with friens, por example, we can go on bike. it´s a sunny day, so we can ride a bike, but not alone, because with friends it´s funnier. You can color this picture and share with them.

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A castle with many towers coloring

A castle with many towers

If you want to visit this castle, you have to walk across the bridge, because a river is under. The castle has many towers which are high and with wonderful views. We can imagine that a king and the queen lived in this place. You can imagine what you want while you color it.

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Barbie and her new dress coloring

Barbie and her new dress

Barbie has a new dress, but it isn´t a simple dress. It is a prom dress which has many colors and a long tail. Besides, she wears a handbag which has the same color as the dress. She has long hair, so she is pretty. She is ready for enjoying with her friends…and you?.

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Funny plane for coloring coloring

Funny plane for coloring

A funny plane is ready to take off. If you like to travel by plane, you can do it in a right way with a small plane which has everything for the travel. We can see his glasses on and a smile on his face, only we have to carry our suitcase and say: Have a nice trip!.

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