Cake with three candles coloring

Cake with three candles

We love the cakes and sweets so when we go to a birthday party we can eat a lof of them. So, today we have to wait for the children and the presents before eating this small cake which has only three candles. If you want, yo can color it right now.

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Up house for coloring coloring

Up house for coloring

Have you ever seen the film which was called Up?. It is a romantic story about a couple and their love which can move their house to a better place. Because when we are in love we do everything, so today, we are going to color this house which can fly over the sky.

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Butterfly with hearts coloring

Butterfly with hearts

If you like the butterflies, maybe, this one like you so much because it has got many heart around its wings and in its antennae. You can color them like you want but if you like the color, give it many. Print it and begin with this activity.

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Drinks for coloring coloring

Drinks for coloring

If you are thirsty, we are going to show this drinks. You can choose between a cup of coffee or if you like the smoothies you may prefer the strawberry flavor or maybe the lemon one. And finally, a big glass of ice-cream. Three options of desserts which you can color.

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Beauty and The Beast coloring

Beauty and The Beast

The Beauty has got a mirror and she can see the Beast in it. He is sad but the princess is in love with him but it isn´t an easy way. Love can move mountains, so she has to look for him and when they are together, they will be happy.

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The elephant says hi coloring

The elephant says hi

The elephant says hi because he is very polite. When you see someone who is walking by your side or when you come in the shop, you must say hi, if you want to be polite like our friend the elephant. Now, we can practice with him, but first, we have to print and color him.

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Bambi for coloring coloring

Bambi for coloring

Bambi is resting on the grass with her friend, the rabbit Thumper. She is yawning because she is sleepy, but the birds is coming for playing with her. A nice deer which lives in the forest and now, we can color it if we print it and then share with friends.

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A mummy and an Egyptian coloring

A mummy and an Egyptian

It´s a funny picture about a mummy and an Egyptian. He is looking at the place but he doesn´t know what it´s going to happen. A silent mummy is near and she brings a surprise for him. A big scare!. What is Egyptian going to do?. Poor boy!.

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Two bears and one heart coloring

Two bears and one heart

They are in love, because animals can feel this, too. in this picture we can see two bears who are looking into their eyes, so they share the only one look and heart. It´s so special but it isn´t complete and we know what we have to do. Add colors and the picture will be perfect.

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Dear Santa Claus coloring

Dear Santa Claus

Don´t waste your time, so, you have to think what you want for Christmas. Today, we are going to help you, because you can print this letter and complete it. Listen!, pay attention to your writing because Santa Claus likes children who write correctly.

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