My keys coloring

My keys

These are my keys but I always forget which one is for opening the door and which is for the garage. Maybe, you have the answer for helping me because you can color them in different colors and I will be able to learn which key I need. I won´t never forget it!.

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Missing vowels coloring

Missing vowels

In this exercises the vowels are missing and you have to find them. First, you have to look at each picture and the task will be easier. Write the names about winter things or clothes and you will finish this exercise. It´s so easy, so, don´t waste the time.

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Duck for coloring by numbers coloring

Duck for coloring by numbers

Today we are going to color this duck but we cannot use any color but we have to follow the instructions. It´s an easy activity but you have to follow the numbers for coloring the animal. Then, perhaps your mother give you a present for that job. Let´s begin!.

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It´s raining coloring

It´s raining

it´s raining and this ant doesn´t want to get wet, so she has found a shelter. If we look at the sky, we can see the clouds but the sun is there. Meanwhile, we are going to color this drawing.

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Asleep star coloring

Asleep star

This is a different star because she has got her pillow and she is going to sleep. Maybe, you can draw the closed eyes and then, this picture will be ready for coloring. Let´s begin!.

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Three Friends coloring

Three Friends

They are friends but in this picture they want the same thing. One of them has an orange juice and the others, too. They are looking at it but they don´t think of sharing the orange juice.

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Exercise with sign coloring

Exercise with sign

This is a different activity because you have to read the fingers. Below them, you have to write the number and finally, you will have to do the multiplication. But, first, you have to remember to print it.

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Number Six coloring

Number Six

Today, our children will have to study the number six. First, they write its shape and then, they will be able to write the number with letters. It´s an easy task that you can print. A good resource for parents and teachers.

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Numbers and colors coloring

Numbers and colors

This worksheet is for young learners because they have to color the crown with the colors below it. They will enjoy with this task and they will have a good time. Don´t waste time…let´s print!.

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Tins with flowers coloring

Tins with flowers

When I was a child I used to make different presents for my parents in my school. One of them, It was a decorated tins which you could color and draw or you could buy papers with flowers and colors for fixing in them.

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Tutankhamun coloring


Tutankhamun was a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. If you don´t know what Pharaoh means, I have to tell you that he is like a king. He was a teenager and he died young. So, today we can color him.

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Nefertiti coloring


If yesterday we had to color a Pharaoh, today we are going to color Nefertiti. She was the wife of a Pharaoh, too. His husband was Akhenaten and he ruled for seventeen years.

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Nobita coloring


Nobita is a boy and he is a main character of Doraemon. He is ten years old but he isn´t a good student, because he is lazy. He fails his exams so his parent punish him because of his marks.

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Happy star coloring

Happy star

This star is so happy and we can see that smile on her face. Maybe, she is with another one but today she is the only one on this sheet, so, we have to color her in two minutes. Do you like it?.

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Pencil coloring


If we want to draw or we want to write the letters, we need this object. It is a pencil and we need it in class and in each subject, so here you are. This one, you have to color it and then, you will be able to use it.

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Angel of love coloring

Angel of love

She is an angel and she has got two wings, but she isn´t a simple angel, she is the angel of love. She can do that people love each other and they don´t fight. We need her and we can print and color her.

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