Princess Merida coloring

Princess Merida

Do you know the princess Merida?. It´s a brave girl who has to try to rescue his mother. Merida is a pretty girl and she is the best archer, too. So, today you can color her, but you should use great colors because i know that she likes them.

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Three little mermaids coloring

Three little mermaids

They are three girls but they are mermaids, too. Maybe, you know another one mermaid who is a Disney Princess, but today we are going to color this little ones. They have got different hairstyles, so…Which do you prefer?. If you need some help, you can call your best friend for coloring and enjoying.

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Autumn Princess coloring

Autumn Princess

She is an autumn princess because we can see her when that season arrives. She has curly hair and she is so pretty. Besides, she wears a wonderful dress which has many leaves in gold. So, you have to color her quickly because the spring princess will arrive next week.

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Cinderella has a new skirt coloring

Cinderella has a new skirt

She is so happy because everything is going to be perfect. Cinderella is in love and now, she has a different life because she doesn´t have to work so hard and she wears dresses and wonderful skirts like it. It is a beautiful picture where a bird gives us a flower, too.

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Rapunzel and her parents coloring

Rapunzel and her parents

It´s a sad story but finally, every fairy tale has its happy ending. Rapunzel finds her parents and they can´t avoid the tears because the girl hasn´t know them and it is a special moment for the family. Today, we are going to color this beautiful picture.

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A different princess coloring

A different princess

She isn´t a Disney princess but she is so pretty and the princess of her house. She has got a beautiful crown, but we like her trousers because they have hearts and we can color them how we like. A little girl who is playing and now, we have to print and color her.

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Sofía the First coloring

Sofía the First

The little princess is wearing a beautiful dress with many diamonds because today there is a ball in the palace. She isn´t alone because her friends wanted to take the picture with her, too. It´s a perfect picture but it needs some colors, so are you ready?.

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Beauty and The Beast coloring

Beauty and The Beast

The Beauty has got a mirror and she can see the Beast in it. He is sad but the princess is in love with him but it isn´t an easy way. Love can move mountains, so she has to look for him and when they are together, they will be happy.

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Cinderella and a friend coloring

Cinderella and a friend

Cinderella has many friends and she shows us one of them in this picture. The animals are friendly with her and she loves them, too. In this picture we can see the happiness of the girl because she wears a new dress which you have to color.

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Love´s first kiss coloring

Love´s first kiss

Snow White has bitten the apple, so she fell down in a deep dream. The prince was only one person who could wake up her, because he had to kiss and the princess could open her eyes. It was called love´s first kiss and it is so beautiful that we have to color the picture.

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