The dog gives you a flower coloring

The dog gives you a flower

It is the perfect drawing because we can see in it a wonderful picture. Our dog is one of our family so it can be grateful with us. There is a flower in its mouth and maybe, when this happens you can give it a present, too. What kind of present?, some food will be the perfect present and too much love.

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A new friend coloring

A new friend

Today is his birthday and his parents have given him many presents. He wants to have a pet and we can see that his dream came true, because in a box there was a little dog. It is his new pet and his friend because they are going to love each other.

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A horse with flowers coloring

A horse with flowers

This horse is the winner of the race so, the don´t need any money but the organization has given it some flowes which you have to color. This is a beautiful prize for us and for it. If you have to give a present, don´t hesitate, give them some flowers.

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Star with scarf coloring

Star with scarf

It´s winter so we have to wear gloves and scarf because it´s cold. The stars are cold, too so we can see them with a scarf which you have to color and then, you can share or maybe, you can print and decorate the Christmas tree. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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Sock with presents coloring

Sock with presents

Many families put presents under the tree but other families prefer to decorate the fireplace. The most important thing that we can put over this place is a sock, because there will be the presents for children in it. Now, you can color them and give it like a present.

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A beautiful rose coloring

A beautiful rose

This is a beautiful rose but it needs some color. When you color it, you can give it to someone. If you like the flowers, this one can like you so much. But, don´t waste time and color it now.

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A birthday card coloring

A birthday card

It is a birthday card with many balloons in different colors and if it is for a birthday, the presents cannot miss in the party. You can print this picture and then, you will give it to your friends.

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Rose for coloring coloring

Rose for coloring

We love plants and flowers, so we would like to share this picture. It is a rose and we have to color it. Maybe, when we finish, we can give someone whom likes it, too. But, we have to be careful with the thorns.

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A bunch of pink flowers coloring

A bunch of pink flowers

Today, you don´t have to color this picture, you just have to draw it in another sheet. Do you like that idea?. It´s something different for children who like learning how to draw. A pretty bunch of pink roses for you and foy your friends.

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Turtle with gift coloring

Turtle with gift

This turtle brings a gift because today there is a birthday party, but we don´t know what time it is and the turtle walks so slowly. It´s hot and we think that we have to help her…how? we give her some color.

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Happy Birthday coloring

Happy Birthday

When is your birthday?, if you want to prepare everything for the party, we give you a picture with some letters which you will have to color them. Many presents and games will be the most important things for that special day.

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