Red car coloring

Red car

If you want a red car, here it is. It is an easy activity because you have to print this drawing and then, you have to paste it in a cardboard. You can give it to your friends or collect it, because this one won´t be the only one.

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Ashley coloring


If your name is Ashley, you are a lucky girl because, we want to give you this sheet for coloring. You have to print and then, color it. This is a special sheet and it is a present for you.

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How to draw a rose coloring

How to draw a rose

If you want to draw a rose but you don´t know how, here it is a tutorial. It´s a draw which you have to follow step by step…it´s so easy. When you practice twice, you will be able to draw it with close eyes.

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Easy Crossword coloring

Easy Crossword

This is an easy game for kids. It is a crossword where you can find many words about things or animals and color. First, you can print this picture and then, enjoy it but take it easy.

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Jigsaw Puzzle for girls coloring

Jigsaw Puzzle for girls

Today, you don´t have to color any picture but we want to give you a jigsaw puzzle for girls. You have to print and then paste it on cardboard. Finally, you can play whenever you want and you can invite your friends, too.

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Tutankhamun coloring


Tutankhamun was a Pharaoh of ancient Egypt. If you don´t know what Pharaoh means, I have to tell you that he is like a king. He was a teenager and he died young. So, today we can color him.

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Girls with pets coloring

Girls with pets

These girls are playing with two cats and a mouse. These animals are their pets, so they spend many hours with the girls. Today, we don´t have to color any picture but we can share it.

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Number two coloring

Number two

Today we are going to color the number two. It is a beautiful drawing with a number and two friends. They are two mice which are playing above the number, so we have to color these animals, too.

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A birthday card coloring

A birthday card

It is a birthday card with many balloons in different colors and if it is for a birthday, the presents cannot miss in the party. You can print this picture and then, you will give it to your friends.

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Minnie is dancing coloring

Minnie is dancing

Minnie is dancing because she has done everything what she had to do and now, she wants to have a good time with music. She is a good dancer and we can see her in this picture which we are going to color.

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Minnie is in love coloring

Minnie is in love

Minnie is the main character of this picture. She is in love, so the hearts are around her and you can get it if you print this wallpaper. She is so happy and she is waiting for her boyfriend who is working at the moment.

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