The dog gives you a flower coloring

The dog gives you a flower

It is the perfect drawing because we can see in it a wonderful picture. Our dog is one of our family so it can be grateful with us. There is a flower in its mouth and maybe, when this happens you can give it a present, too. What kind of present?, some food will be the perfect present and too much love.

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A soldier is jumping coloring

A soldier is jumping

Maybe, he is calling someone, but I think that he is afraid of something that he is looking at. This boy is jumping and we have to help him. Although we should color him because it is the only thing that we can do. Do you like this idea?.

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The girl is washing the dog coloring

The girl is washing the dog

It´s sunny and hot so it is the right day for washing our dog. This girl has thought the same and she filled a bucket with water and called her pet for giving it a wonderful bath with many bubbles and the dog is enjoying it. Let´s to color them.

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Bake day coloring

Bake day

This is the bake day in this town so everybody has to cook many cakes and they will be tasted by their neighbours. In this case, the neighbour which is tasting the cake is a bird. It has come to the window and it can see the dessert.

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Sunflower coloring


Today, you have to color the sunflower but we tell you how to begin with easy instructions. Yellow is the most important color in this flower but there are other colors like brown and green. It´s so easy, so you can start right now for having fun with the sunflower.

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The tree house coloring

The tree house

When we were young we played in a house like that. There was above the tree and only children can played it. The house was built with hardy wood, so everybody can enjoy in it with different games. Today, you have to color this special wooden house.

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Name Gladys coloring

Name Gladys

If your name is Gladys here it is a picture with it. A beautiful name which means the sensitive nature and people with this name is optimist and with big knowledge but we can say that Gladys means the happiness. Now, you can print it or give it to someone.

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Is your name Kevin? coloring

Is your name Kevin?

If the answer is yes, you have to know what this name means. Kevin is a name which means concentration and the people who are called Kevin are stronger and they feel more important than other people. They love the friendship and they are brave, too.

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A plane broke down coloring

A plane broke down

This plane is line a human, because we need the doctors when we are ill and the planes need the mechanic when they are broken down. This is a picture of that and you have to color if you like planes and this drawing.

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Letter U coloring

Letter U

Many names begin with the letter U. One of those names is for a thing that we use when it is raining: Umbrella. In this picture, the boy has got one. It is the second letter in the name of the animal which follows the kid. Do you know it?.

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Cinderella and a friend coloring

Cinderella and a friend

Cinderella has many friends and she shows us one of them in this picture. The animals are friendly with her and she loves them, too. In this picture we can see the happiness of the girl because she wears a new dress which you have to color.

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The stars and a cat coloring

The stars and a cat

The stars are around the cat for saving it. It is a wonderful night and our cat wanted to look for a comfortable place and he found it. The moon is the best bed for it and now, we have to color the animal, the moon and the stars.

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Party invitation coloring

Party invitation

If you want a party invitation, here it is. It´s a simple picture which you can print and write the name of your friends. Don´t forget to write the date and place because we don´t want them to lose the party. Don´t waste time and let´s begin.

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Color by numbers coloring

Color by numbers

This picture is difficult for coloring because it has many numbers and we have to be concentrated on it. This coloring page is for kids, but if you are an adult, you can try it, too. Do you dare to color it?.

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