My little pet coloring

My little pet

When you arrive at home and your parents aren´t there, your pet is waiting for you. It is more than an animal, because it is your best friend. It loves you and it never leaves you alone. So, today you have to color this little puppy.

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Chinese Dragon coloring

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon is a mythological animal which has got horns, scales and wings. It is related to men and with the weather, but today, we are going to color this animal and then, we can share it.

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Doraemon is fishing coloring

Doraemon is fishing

It´s sunny and Doraemon doesn´t want to stay at home, so he thinks that que could spend this day with his best friends. In this case, fish is his best friend, so he is fishing for dinner a tasty fish. He is enjoying and we know that it will be a good day

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An angel with friends coloring

An angel with friends

This angel spend with his friends and they aren´t in the sky but in the earth. They are the animals such as frogs or butterflies which are very happy with the angel. He has come for giving them peace and love. That is his job and we has to color, because it is our job.

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