Air Hostess coloring

Air Hostess

The air-hostess is very friendly because she cares about people who travel by plane. You can order the breakfast or lunch and she will serve you tasty meal. Now, we are going to color this picture and…have a nice trip!.

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Barbie and Ken coloring

Barbie and Ken

Barbie is happy because she is a princess and she is with her boyfriend. They have gone to an important party and there, they are dancing and enjoy with the music. They are in love and we can see it.

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All you need is love coloring

All you need is love

This picture can be perfect if you want to surprise someone. All you need is love…this is a wonderful message, so we are going to color it and then, we can give it to that special person that we have in our mind.

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The cake and the boy coloring

The cake and the boy

Today is his birthday and the boy is the most happiest in the world because he has a big cake with a candle in front of him. There are many people with him but they don´t want to be in the picture. He isn´t alone and it´s a big party.

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Spreading the love coloring

Spreading the love

We are in the clouds with the Care Bears and here we can see what the world needs. I think that the world needs love and the bears think of it, too, so they are spreading many hearts for people and we hope that you can take one of them.

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Disney Plane coloring

Disney Plane

The plane is taking off while the orchestra plays a beautiful song. This picture belongs to an entertaining film whose name is Planes. Disney always surprises us with amazing stories for kids.

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Batman rescues a girl coloring

Batman rescues a girl

Batman is one of our favourite heroes because he fights against the evil and rescues the prisoners. In this picture we can see him with a scared girl. She was in trouble but our hero helped her and now, she is safe and very grateful for this moment.

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Grandparents are making a castle coloring

Grandparents are making a castle

My grandparents were bored in the living-room, because it was raining and they couldn´t go out. But, in that moment, they had a great idea. They would like to make a big castle and piece by piece, they are getting it. Print this picture, color and give it to your grandparents.

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