Cake with three candles coloring

Cake with three candles

We love the cakes and sweets so when we go to a birthday party we can eat a lof of them. So, today we have to wait for the children and the presents before eating this small cake which has only three candles. If you want, yo can color it right now.

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Happy Day coloring

Happy Day

It is your birthday so, it will be a happy day. The party is ready and the presents are on the table but one of the most important thing is the clown and here it is. He has the ballons in which there are messages for the birthday boy.

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The star of the party coloring

The star of the party

This is the star of the party because it is very happy and it can play the trumpet and beautiful songs which we don´t know where it learned but we like them. So, while we are listening to the music, we can color this special drawing.

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Party invitation coloring

Party invitation

If you want a party invitation, here it is. It´s a simple picture which you can print and write the name of your friends. Don´t forget to write the date and place because we don´t want them to lose the party. Don´t waste time and let´s begin.

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Halloween invitation coloring

Halloween invitation

If you are thinking of having a party, you will need an invitation. This one is for Halloween night and you don´t have to color it, just you print it. You must write the place and the time for that your guest don´t forget it.

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A birthday card coloring

A birthday card

It is a birthday card with many balloons in different colors and if it is for a birthday, the presents cannot miss in the party. You can print this picture and then, you will give it to your friends.

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It´s a party coloring

It´s a party

The invitations are one of the most important things in a birthday party, so we share this one with you. It has many colors and some balloons, besides, you can write the date and the place.

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The cake and the boy coloring

The cake and the boy

Today is his birthday and the boy is the most happiest in the world because he has a big cake with a candle in front of him. There are many people with him but they don´t want to be in the picture. He isn´t alone and it´s a big party.

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Disney Party coloring

Disney Party

There is a party and everything is ready. There are many balloons and the guests are having fun…or not?. The duck isn´t having fun and we don´t know why, meanwhile Silvestre is dancing and very happy. A picture for sharing with your friends.

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Turtle with gift coloring

Turtle with gift

This turtle brings a gift because today there is a birthday party, but we don´t know what time it is and the turtle walks so slowly. It´s hot and we think that we have to help her…how? we give her some color.

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Barbie is brushing her hair coloring

Barbie is brushing her hair

Barbie is going to go to a special party, so he wears a dress with many colors and jewels and finally she has to brush her hair, because it´s too long and she likes spending hours in front of a mirror. You can help her if you give her some colors.

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