The painter coloring

The painter

When the autumn arrives it gives us beautiful moments and objects in nature. One of the most important are the fallen leaves. They are green but when they are on the ground, they are brown because this painter is giving some color to them. He is doing a perfect job!.

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Pair of giraffes coloring

Pair of giraffes

Just a pair of giraffes which are together, why? because they are in love and they don´t want to spend any time alone. So, you can color them with the same or different colors. After that, you can give this drawing to that special person which is on your mind.

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Butterflies and flowers coloring

Butterflies and flowers

We love the butterflies because they have many colors and they are beautiful, too. So, in this picture we can see how they are on the flowers. Their food is in them, so this view is perfect for us. You have to color it and then, you can give to your friends. Are you ready?.

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Baby Jaguar coloring

Baby Jaguar

We love animals and when they are babies, we love them so much because we feel like a mom who gives us the affection that we needs. They need it too, so today we are going to color this little animal. First, you can print it and, if you want, share it with your friends.

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The frog coloring

The frog

We can see a big frog in this picture. But if we look at it twice, we can see a fly, too. So, if we were a frog we would think that the fly is our food. Although the fly can be faster than the frog. What do you think about that?.

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Clown with squares coloring

Clown with squares

It is a picture where we can see a clown who needs some colors. His dress has many squares and you have to color them, too. But, you have to choose a color for big squares and another one for small squares. It is another easy exercise for kids.

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Butterfly with hearts coloring

Butterfly with hearts

If you like the butterflies, maybe, this one like you so much because it has got many heart around its wings and in its antennae. You can color them like you want but if you like the color, give it many. Print it and begin with this activity.

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The stars and a cat coloring

The stars and a cat

The stars are around the cat for saving it. It is a wonderful night and our cat wanted to look for a comfortable place and he found it. The moon is the best bed for it and now, we have to color the animal, the moon and the stars.

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Asleep star coloring

Asleep star

This is a different star because she has got her pillow and she is going to sleep. Maybe, you can draw the closed eyes and then, this picture will be ready for coloring. Let´s begin!.

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Number one coloring

Number one

This is the number one but this dog wants it for him. We have to hurry if we want to color this picture, because the dog is very fast. Don´t waste time and prepare your colored chalks.

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Letter Z coloring

Letter Z

Many names begins with the letter Z but today, we don´t talk about them but just about a sound when somebody is sleeping. In this picture we can see two letters: one is bigger than the another one.

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Number Four coloring

Number Four

Today, we are going to color the number four. If you are the teacher, you can collect it for doing different games with children in class. But if you are the parents, you will do the same. Print and color this drawing.

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Knight and farmer coloring

Knight and farmer

The knight has to do his job. This job consists on stopping people who cross this way. In this picture, we can see a farmer who has to sell some flour for earning money. We are going to color this drawing.

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Barbie is brushing her hair coloring

Barbie is brushing her hair

Barbie is going to go to a special party, so he wears a dress with many colors and jewels and finally she has to brush her hair, because it´s too long and she likes spending hours in front of a mirror. You can help her if you give her some colors.

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The elephant says hi coloring

The elephant says hi

The elephant says hi because he is very polite. When you see someone who is walking by your side or when you come in the shop, you must say hi, if you want to be polite like our friend the elephant. Now, we can practice with him, but first, we have to print and color him.

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A mask for carnival coloring

A mask for carnival

If you have a special party and you want to wear a mask, here you are. Nobody will know who you are, but first, you will have to print, cut and color it. It´s an easy work, but anyway you will need time to do it. Call your friends because the work is easier when you have some help.

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