Pair of giraffes coloring

Pair of giraffes

Just a pair of giraffes which are together, why? because they are in love and they don´t want to spend any time alone. So, you can color them with the same or different colors. After that, you can give this drawing to that special person which is on your mind.

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A letter with love coloring

A letter with love

People don´t write many letters as ten years ago. We can find many stories and feelings in it, because the pen could express what we can´t do with words. In this letter we can find so much love with heart and butterflies, which you can share if you want.

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Butterfly with hearts coloring

Butterfly with hearts

If you like the butterflies, maybe, this one like you so much because it has got many heart around its wings and in its antennae. You can color them like you want but if you like the color, give it many. Print it and begin with this activity.

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Two little children coloring

Two little children

Two little children are in love because they are together every day. They spend much time: at school or in the park, but everybody isn´t happy because the cat is angry. It is angry because the girl doesn´t want to play with it.

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Prince, Princess and friends

The prince has met with the princess in a boat. They are sailing on the sea and under the stars, but they aren´t alone because their friends are listening to everything that the couple says. They are in love and their friends are very happy with this news.

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Angel of love coloring

Angel of love

She is an angel and she has got two wings, but she isn´t a simple angel, she is the angel of love. She can do that people love each other and they don´t fight. We need her and we can print and color her.

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Sleeping Beauty coloring

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty and her Prince spend many hours talking about life or thinking of their future. Today, we share this picture with you for coloring and then, decorating your books with it.

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Doraemon is in love coloring

Doraemon is in love

Doraemon is in love and he cannot pretend it. In this picture, we can see him with a special friend. Both go to different places and go for a walk. It doesn´t matter what the can do if they do it together.

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True Friends coloring

True Friends

Today we want to share with you this text. If you have good friends, you will feel what these words say, because it doesn´t matter if friends are together or not, the feelings will be in your heart.

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All you need is love coloring

All you need is love

This picture can be perfect if you want to surprise someone. All you need is love…this is a wonderful message, so we are going to color it and then, we can give it to that special person that we have in our mind.

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Love with special letters coloring

Love with special letters

Love is written with differents letters and we know they are an art. I think that this is a perfect picture for coloring and give it to a special person because we have to remind you that Valentine´s Day is soon.

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Dora The Explorer coloring

Dora The Explorer

Dora is a girl who wants to live many adventures everyday, but she isn´t alone because her friends go with her. In this picture we can see her with a smile and a heart because she loves everybody and everybody loves her.

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A bunch of pink flowers coloring

A bunch of pink flowers

Today, you don´t have to color this picture, you just have to draw it in another sheet. Do you like that idea?. It´s something different for children who like learning how to draw. A pretty bunch of pink roses for you and foy your friends.

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