The dog gives you a flower coloring

The dog gives you a flower

It is the perfect drawing because we can see in it a wonderful picture. Our dog is one of our family so it can be grateful with us. There is a flower in its mouth and maybe, when this happens you can give it a present, too. What kind of present?, some food will be the perfect present and too much love.

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Shy cat coloring

Shy cat

We can see a shy cat, who is looking at you because he can say anything. He is so shy that he wants to tell you many things but he cannot. He brings you a present…that is a chocolate box. A big heart for you and a big picture, too.

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Two bears and one heart coloring

Two bears and one heart

They are in love, because animals can feel this, too. in this picture we can see two bears who are looking into their eyes, so they share the only one look and heart. It´s so special but it isn´t complete and we know what we have to do. Add colors and the picture will be perfect.

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