My book coloring

My book

This is may book and I have to use it everyday in my class. Today, when I arrived at school, there wasn´t any letter in it. I don´t know what had happened, but I hope that you can help me if you write what you want in it.

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Castle under the sea coloring

Castle under the sea

It´s a castle which is located under the sea. It´s so beautiful and a mermaid thinks the same, so she cannot take her eyes off it. A picture for coloring and learning how the sea is. Specially for kids!.

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Orange Juice for coloring coloring

Orange Juice for coloring

I´m thirsty so i want to drink some orange juice because it is delicious and it has many vitamins for my health. It´s perfect for me and my family, so , I always drink it when I am at school or when I play in the garden.

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Spelling Worksheet coloring

Spelling Worksheet

Today we have to learn how some words have to be written. We will give you some words and you have to know how they spell. It is an easy task for our children. You can print it and you will see that children enjoy with it.

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Educational Clock Hour coloring

Educational Clock Hour

This is a worksheet for practicing the hour. There are many clocks and you have to draw the hour and the minutes. It´s so easy so you will learn it quickly and if it´s difficult for you, you will have to do them many times.

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Sheets decorated with hearts coloring

Sheets decorated with hearts

If you want to have a sheet with hearts, you will have to print this picture and you will get it. These hearts are perfect if you want to write a love letter and on the sheet you will be able to write or to draw. Do you like it?.

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Ben 10 for coloring coloring

Ben 10 for coloring

He is Ben10, a boy who can change his appearance with a little help. His watch is the guilty because it gives him many adventures. Now, we can play with him if we want to color him. Let´s begin with basic colors because Ben10 likes them so much.

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Practicing carrying coloring

Practicing carrying

Do you like Maths?. If the answer is true, you can practice with this worksheet and if the answer is no, you have to practice more than ever, because you have to be ready for next exams. In this site, teachers and parents will find many educational activities for kids.

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