The painter coloring

The painter

When the autumn arrives it gives us beautiful moments and objects in nature. One of the most important are the fallen leaves. They are green but when they are on the ground, they are brown because this painter is giving some color to them. He is doing a perfect job!.

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Baby Jaguar coloring

Baby Jaguar

We love animals and when they are babies, we love them so much because we feel like a mom who gives us the affection that we needs. They need it too, so today we are going to color this little animal. First, you can print it and, if you want, share it with your friends.

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A soldier is jumping coloring

A soldier is jumping

Maybe, he is calling someone, but I think that he is afraid of something that he is looking at. This boy is jumping and we have to help him. Although we should color him because it is the only thing that we can do. Do you like this idea?.

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Cake with three candles coloring

Cake with three candles

We love the cakes and sweets so when we go to a birthday party we can eat a lof of them. So, today we have to wait for the children and the presents before eating this small cake which has only three candles. If you want, yo can color it right now.

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Happy Day coloring

Happy Day

It is your birthday so, it will be a happy day. The party is ready and the presents are on the table but one of the most important thing is the clown and here it is. He has the ballons in which there are messages for the birthday boy.

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Two little children coloring

Two little children

Two little children are in love because they are together every day. They spend much time: at school or in the park, but everybody isn´t happy because the cat is angry. It is angry because the girl doesn´t want to play with it.

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Friends and Love coloring

Friends and Love

They are friends but they share more things that they can imagine. They are playing football and they want the same ball but the don´t fight because he like her very much and we think that she likes him. A drawing of friendship that you can color and share it with your best friends.

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Easy Crossword coloring

Easy Crossword

This is an easy game for kids. It is a crossword where you can find many words about things or animals and color. First, you can print this picture and then, enjoy it but take it easy.

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Tangram puzzle coloring

Tangram puzzle

Tangram puzzle is a game and for playing with it, you will need a sheet of paper. Maybe, you can print this one and then, you can make many figures like animals or people. A different game for children and parents.

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A beautiful rose coloring

A beautiful rose

This is a beautiful rose but it needs some color. When you color it, you can give it to someone. If you like the flowers, this one can like you so much. But, don´t waste time and color it now.

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Tins with flowers coloring

Tins with flowers

When I was a child I used to make different presents for my parents in my school. One of them, It was a decorated tins which you could color and draw or you could buy papers with flowers and colors for fixing in them.

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Alien mask coloring

Alien mask

It is the alien mask and it´s perfect for print and coloring before using. If you look for a strange or scare disguise here you are your mask. Don´t waste time and begin with this task for young learners.

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Nobita coloring


Nobita is a boy and he is a main character of Doraemon. He is ten years old but he isn´t a good student, because he is lazy. He fails his exams so his parent punish him because of his marks.

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A big palace coloring

A big palace

It is a big palace where, maybe, a king live with his wife and his sons or daughters and there, they celebrated many parties. But today there isn´t any party but a drawing of that castle that you have to color it.

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