Summer and color coloring

Summer and color

It´s summer time in this picture, so we have to complete it with colors and numbers. First, you have to look at the numbers because they have a color. Then, you have to choose that color and finish this task.

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Read and write coloring

Read and write

This is an easy worksheet for reading and writing. You have to color each ballon in a different color and then, you will have to complete the sentences. It is an easy way of learning English for kids.

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A sheep coloring

A sheep

Although the sheep is white, we share this picture with you, because you can color it in different colours. Maybe, it will be a little strange but it will be our special sheep. Besides, you can share it with your friends.

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Flower with smile coloring

Flower with smile

It is a flower very happy because it has a smile in its face, so we have to color it for keeping smile. If you want to learn how you can draw a flower, after coloring, you can draw it in another sheet of paper.

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School vocabulary coloring

School vocabulary

This is a sheet of English Vocabulary and today, we are going to learn about school. Maybe, you know each word, so you can play with them, so this task is a good resource for parents or teachers.

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My book coloring

My book

This is may book and I have to use it everyday in my class. Today, when I arrived at school, there wasn´t any letter in it. I don´t know what had happened, but I hope that you can help me if you write what you want in it.

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Complete the sentences coloring

Complete the sentences

Once again, we have to complete the sentences with words in the clouds. These words are feelings and adjectives and they are very important for the sentences. You can do it with your friends, because it will be funnier.

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Easy verbs coloring

Easy verbs

This worksheet is for learning verbs. First, we can write it and then, when we learn it, we will know how to use it. It´s an easy task and it is for little kids and it´s a resource for teachers or parents. You have to print it and you will be able to do it.

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Word Search coloring

Word Search

We need a pencil…it´s the only tool for doing that exercise, well, and the concentration in this sheet. It´s a Word Search and maybe it isn´t so easy, but we know that you are going to get. Let´s begin the career word search.

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Beauty Mask coloring

Beauty Mask

If you like Disney Princess, we know that Beauty is one of your favourite one. Beauty mask can be the perfect costume for every girl. You have to print this picture and then, you can color it…but don´t forget to cut the eyes.

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A duck coloring

A duck

Today we are going to color an animal. It is the duck and it can have different colors, though we know it in white and with its peak in yellow. But today just you can choose which color prefer. It´s your draw, so it´s your choose.

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Your first car coloring

Your first car

Do you know to draw a car? if the answer is no, don´t worry because today we are going to teach you. There is a car on the sheet, but it´s a car with dots and it isn´t finished, so you have to connect the dots by drawing a line. it´s so easy and you will be able to draw a car when you want.

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Days of the week coloring

Days of the week

This is an easy task for children. They have to complete this exercise which has many colors and they will spend a good time with it. It´s a resource for teachers or parents that only they have to print and let children enjoy with it.

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Spelling Worksheet coloring

Spelling Worksheet

Today we have to learn how some words have to be written. We will give you some words and you have to know how they spell. It is an easy task for our children. You can print it and you will see that children enjoy with it.

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What is that? coloring

What is that?

We don´t know what is hidden in this picture. If you want to know what there is in this picture, you have to connect the dots and you will get good results. Just we can see the eyes…Do you know that?.

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