Christmas candle coloring

Christmas candle

When we are decorating our house there is something that we cannot forget. A christmas candle will be the light that shine in our living room and we can put a knot with cloth and some special plants for this season. I love christmas time and we hope you love it, too.

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Brother and sister coloring

Brother and sister

The brother and sister are looking at the pets. They have a cat and a rabbit, but it is the cat which is playing and it is so funny. The rabbit is looking at it, too. They are spending a great moment because it is a family moment which we have to print and color.

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House for drawing coloring

House for drawing

Today, you have to draw this house, because we show you only its skeleton, and you have to draw the rooms such as the kitchen or living room and bathroom. This is your home so, you can draw what you want.

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Luxury Home coloring

Luxury Home

It´s a luxury home but maybe, we can say that it is a castle, because it has got many towers and a big garden. We like living there, because we will have many rooms for playing and for inviting our friends.

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