Princess Merida coloring

Princess Merida

Do you know the princess Merida?. It´s a brave girl who has to try to rescue his mother. Merida is a pretty girl and she is the best archer, too. So, today you can color her, but you should use great colors because i know that she likes them.

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A princess with a chicken coloring

A princess with a chicken

This princess was walking down the garden when suddenly she listened a noise. She stopped and looked around until she found a little chicken who was alone. She rescued it and now, she loves it very much. They are the best friends and we can see it in this picture.

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Friends and Love coloring

Friends and Love

They are friends but they share more things that they can imagine. They are playing football and they want the same ball but the don´t fight because he like her very much and we think that she likes him. A drawing of friendship that you can color and share it with your best friends.

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The Smurfette coloring

The Smurfette

The smurfette is a pretty girl who lives in the forest between many smurfs. She wears a white dress and hat, but her skin is blue and her hair is blonde. After these explanations, you can color her.

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Cinderella is working so hard coloring

Cinderella is working so hard

Cinderella is working so hard, because she has to do many things in the house. In this picture, she is carrying the tea on a tray. Well, it isn´t an only tray but three. One of these are on the left hand, another one on the right hand and the last one over her head.

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