The girl is praying coloring

The girl is praying

Her mom taught her that every night, before going to bed, she had to pray. So, in this picture, we can see how the girl is praying for her family and for another happy day. Today, we are going to color her. Do you usually pray every night like the girl?.

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Autumn Princess coloring

Autumn Princess

She is an autumn princess because we can see her when that season arrives. She has curly hair and she is so pretty. Besides, she wears a wonderful dress which has many leaves in gold. So, you have to color her quickly because the spring princess will arrive next week.

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A different princess coloring

A different princess

She isn´t a Disney princess but she is so pretty and the princess of her house. She has got a beautiful crown, but we like her trousers because they have hearts and we can color them how we like. A little girl who is playing and now, we have to print and color her.

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A girl and the pencil coloring

A girl and the pencil

We have to write many letters with this pencil because it is very big. It is as big as the girl who is carrying it with an effort. If you like painting and writing this picture will be for you, but first, you have to print it. Enjoy it.

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A girl is cooking coloring

A girl is cooking

It is a different night because the moon is bigger than yesterday, the bats can fly over it and a girl is cooking the dinner. The dinner is a bit different, too. It´s a kind of magic because it is Halloween time, so everybody enjoys it once a year.

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Car for girl coloring

Car for girl

We usually remember that hero like a man, tall and slim. Today, we can see a different one in this picture. it´s a Lego piece about super heroes. It wears the bat disguise such as the real one.

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Snow White coloring

Snow White

Snow White is a princess who likes animals so much. She is nice and polite and she talks with them, too. In this picture, we can see two friends who are talking about life and while they are talking we color them.

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A beautiful mask coloring

A beautiful mask

It´s a different mask for each girl who wants to dress up as a princess. Maybe, you will need a dress with many colors and frills for a mask like that. Today, you don´t have to color it, just only you have to print it.

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Little Butterfly coloring

Little Butterfly

Is it a butterfly?, is it a girl?, we think that it is a combination of both. On the one hand, she has got wings and on the other hand, she has a dress and two arms and feet. A drawing for children.

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Dora The Explorer coloring

Dora The Explorer

Dora is a girl who wants to live many adventures everyday, but she isn´t alone because her friends go with her. In this picture we can see her with a smile and a heart because she loves everybody and everybody loves her.

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A polite kid coloring

A polite kid

The friendship has many good things and one of them can be what we see in this picture. A girl and his friend are walking down the street and he carries her books, while she is looking at the flowers. A polite kid that he does everything for her friend.

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Two presents coloring

Two presents

A couple has two presents for themselves. The girl has bought a cat and the boy has bought a dog…maybe they have shared the same idea or the same thought. They are in love, so they will like the present.

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