The frog coloring

The frog

We can see a big frog in this picture. But if we look at it twice, we can see a fly, too. So, if we were a frog we would think that the fly is our food. Although the fly can be faster than the frog. What do you think about that?.

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Disney Party coloring

Disney Party

There is a party and everything is ready. There are many balloons and the guests are having fun…or not?. The duck isn´t having fun and we don´t know why, meanwhile Silvestre is dancing and very happy. A picture for sharing with your friends.

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The frog is jumping coloring

The frog is jumping

We were walking around the forest when we saw a beautiful river, so we went near the river and suddenly, a frog were jumping. We can take a picture of the moment and that is. It´s a funny moment so we cannot stop laughing.

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