Three Friends coloring

Three Friends

They are friends but in this picture they want the same thing. One of them has an orange juice and the others, too. They are looking at it but they don´t think of sharing the orange juice.

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Bart Simpson coloring

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a naughty boy, but her mother love him and she doesn´t punish him. In this picture, we can see him playing but today he isn´t with friend. Milhouse is at home with her mother and he cannot play with Bart.

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True Friends coloring

True Friends

Today we want to share with you this text. If you have good friends, you will feel what these words say, because it doesn´t matter if friends are together or not, the feelings will be in your heart.

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Angel and star coloring

Angel and star

This angel has his wings but they aren´t the only one present for him. He found a star which is shining in his hands and maybe, it will grant him some desires but he is so good and he will ask for health for everybody.

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A polite kid coloring

A polite kid

The friendship has many good things and one of them can be what we see in this picture. A girl and his friend are walking down the street and he carries her books, while she is looking at the flowers. A polite kid that he does everything for her friend.

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Mickey Mouse and Pluto are at the beach coloring

Mickey Mouse and Pluto

They are the best friends and I think that you know them. They are Mickey Mouse and his dog, called Pluto. They spend evenings together and enjoy with every moment…this is the friendship and if you feel the same, you can give this picture.

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Three friends are playing coloring

Three friends are playing

Three friends are playing in the garden. The two boys are swaying the girl who is on the swing. It´s a friendship drawing where can see that it is very important for our lives. If you have good friends, you can print and color it, then you will have a perfect present.

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Friends on bike coloring

Friends on bike

Friendship is a feeling that we have to share with people. Many activities can be done when we are with friens, por example, we can go on bike. it´s a sunny day, so we can ride a bike, but not alone, because with friends it´s funnier. You can color this picture and share with them.

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A bear with a big heart coloring

A bear with a big heart

It´s a picture for coloring and give to that special person. A bear gives us a big heart, in which you can write your feelings or draw another picture, if you want. At first sight it can be boring, but we know how to change that. It needs colours and we have them.

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