Ice-cream is a delicious dessert coloring

Ice-cream is a delicious dessert

Here you are!. This is your dessert today and it consists in two ice-cream balls. It is look like so delicious and we let you color it according to your taste. What flavour do you like? you can choose them and print the picture for coloring.

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Hello Kitty is having breakfast coloring

Hello Kitty is having breakfast

Hello Kitty and her friend is having breakfast. We have to begin the day with a delicious breakfast and for that, we have to eat toasts, eggs and some fruit. Our Hello Kitty knows it and so a tasty breakfast appears on her table. If you like it, you can color it.

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Hot dog for coloring coloring

Hot dog for coloring

If you want a hot dog…here you are. You can color it according its ingredients, but i can see ketchup and cheese or maybe it´s my imagination. It´s a fast food so we can eat it in special moments. You know that it´s unhealthy but it´s very tasty.

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Doraemon is fishing coloring

Doraemon is fishing

It´s sunny and Doraemon doesn´t want to stay at home, so he thinks that que could spend this day with his best friends. In this case, fish is his best friend, so he is fishing for dinner a tasty fish. He is enjoying and we know that it will be a good day

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Sponge Bob is eating coloring

Sponge Bob is eating

Sponge Bob is eating a hamburguer and he is so excited. It looks delicious because it´s a burguer with tomatoes, cheese and letucce. When i see it, i can´t wait for the dinner…I want it now!. Bob and I are hungry, and you?. Don´t forget to print this picture.

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A dog is eating and barking coloring

A dog is eating and barking

Today, we are going to color a little dog. It is very funny, but now it is eating and all noises annoy it. It thinks than another dog can steal its food, so we can help it. Just we have to choose many colors for coloring it. If you have a good time, you can begin with it.

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