Up house for coloring coloring

Up house for coloring

Have you ever seen the film which was called Up?. It is a romantic story about a couple and their love which can move their house to a better place. Because when we are in love we do everything, so today, we are going to color this house which can fly over the sky.

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Rapunzel and her parents coloring

Rapunzel and her parents

It´s a sad story but finally, every fairy tale has its happy ending. Rapunzel finds her parents and they can´t avoid the tears because the girl hasn´t know them and it is a special moment for the family. Today, we are going to color this beautiful picture.

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Elsa and Anna coloring

Elsa and Anna

Elsa and Anna are two characters in Frozen, which is a cartoon film. They are sisters and Elsa has got powers but she cannot control them. Sometimes, the sisters argue but we know that they love each other. So, we can see this feeling in this picture which you can color.

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Batman and Joker coloring

Batman and Joker

Batman wants to catch the Joker because he is a bad person and if the hero wants to finish with the murderers, the Joker is one of those. Batman is running behind him, through windows but Joker always escape from him. Can Batman capture him?.

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A plane broke down coloring

A plane broke down

This plane is line a human, because we need the doctors when we are ill and the planes need the mechanic when they are broken down. This is a picture of that and you have to color if you like planes and this drawing.

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The Smurfette coloring

The Smurfette

The smurfette is a pretty girl who lives in the forest between many smurfs. She wears a white dress and hat, but her skin is blue and her hair is blonde. After these explanations, you can color her.

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Sponge Bob coloring

Sponge Bob

Today, we are going to make a special box. We can print this drawing and then, we should glue in cardboard. Now, we are going to build our toy, just you have to follow that instructions and join the letters.

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Snow White coloring

Snow White

Snow White is a princess who likes animals so much. She is nice and polite and she talks with them, too. In this picture, we can see two friends who are talking about life and while they are talking we color them.

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King Pig coloring

King Pig

The King Pig is a character of Angry Birds. He is a pig but he wears a crown and though he is big, he doesn´t any power. So, today, we can print and color him and then, we can share him with our friends.

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Little Princess coloring

Little Princess

She is a little princess and if you can´t know who she is, we are going to tell you. First, we will give you some clues like she has a teapot between her hands and she is pretty. Her name is…Bella.

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The Beauty coloring

The Beauty

A picture of The Beauty who is so pretty like her name. She is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes, too. Her lips are red and her dress and earrings are yellow. In this picture, we can see the castle, maybe The Beast lives there.

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Bart Simpson coloring

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson is a naughty boy, but her mother love him and she doesn´t punish him. In this picture, we can see him playing but today he isn´t with friend. Milhouse is at home with her mother and he cannot play with Bart.

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