Tom and Jerry for coloring coloring

Tom and Jerry for coloring

Everybody knows Tom and Jerry and their adventures, because they always fight but I know that, maybe, they love each other. So, in this picture, we can see them very funny. They are dressed with a special suit. I like this couple, and you?.

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Barbie is in Hawaii coloring

Barbie is in Hawaii

Barbie likes flowers very much, so, his friends know it and they have give her a big bouquet of flowers. It contains different kind of flowers that you can color. Our favourite doll is so happy because is on holiday, she has flowers and she is on the beach. She cannot ask for more.

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Ben 10 for coloring coloring

Ben 10 for coloring

He is Ben10, a boy who can change his appearance with a little help. His watch is the guilty because it gives him many adventures. Now, we can play with him if we want to color him. Let´s begin with basic colors because Ben10 likes them so much.

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This bird is in love coloring

This bird is in love

In this picture we can see many hearts, and we wonder why…well, it is in love and it is very happy. We can change the name, because here, the little bird isn´t angry but happy. You can print it for coloring and then you can use it for decorating your room. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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Batman is coming coloring

Batman is coming

Batman is here and he has come back for staying. He is one of our favorite superheroes, because he always lives many adventures. He has to fight against his enemies for a better world and we trust him, so we think that he will get it. Meanwhile, you can color him.

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