Happy baby for coloring coloring

Happy baby for coloring

The baby is happy because his mother is playing with him. Today they are at home because they don´t need to go out, because they are having a good time everywhere they are. So, you have to color the baby with many colors and then, you have to print it.

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Alligator for coloring coloring

Alligator for coloring

Today, we are going to color the alligator. It has a big mouth and inside it, the teeth are bigger, too. If you see this animal, maybe, you will be afraid but it isn´t dangerous in this picture that you have to color, so let´s begin with it.

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Drinks for coloring coloring

Drinks for coloring

If you are thirsty, we are going to show this drinks. You can choose between a cup of coffee or if you like the smoothies you may prefer the strawberry flavor or maybe the lemon one. And finally, a big glass of ice-cream. Three options of desserts which you can color.

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Letter F for coloring coloring

Letter F for coloring

It is the letter F but besides, we can see a clown who is doing some exercises and with his body can make different letters like this one. If your name begins with the letter f, or if you like this drawing, you can print and color it.

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How to draw a rose coloring

How to draw a rose

If you want to draw a rose but you don´t know how, here it is a tutorial. It´s a draw which you have to follow step by step…it´s so easy. When you practice twice, you will be able to draw it with close eyes.

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Sponge Bob coloring

Sponge Bob

Today, we are going to make a special box. We can print this drawing and then, we should glue in cardboard. Now, we are going to build our toy, just you have to follow that instructions and join the letters.

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