Castle maze coloring

Castle maze

Let´s begin with a game, because today we don´t want to color any picture. It is an easy game and you have to print this castle maze for starting it. The maze is in front of the castle because it is its garden and we are going to complete it.

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Batman and Joker coloring

Batman and Joker

Batman wants to catch the Joker because he is a bad person and if the hero wants to finish with the murderers, the Joker is one of those. Batman is running behind him, through windows but Joker always escape from him. Can Batman capture him?.

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Alligator for coloring coloring

Alligator for coloring

Today, we are going to color the alligator. It has a big mouth and inside it, the teeth are bigger, too. If you see this animal, maybe, you will be afraid but it isn´t dangerous in this picture that you have to color, so let´s begin with it.

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Tulips for coloring coloring

Tulips for coloring

Tulips are flowers which have many colors. You can find them in red or yellow and in both colors at once. We want to give you this bouquet of tulips and now, you have to choose the colors that you want.

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Pumpkin for coloring coloring

Pumpkin for coloring

Halloween is a special night and today we want to give you a special drawing, too. It is the most important thing in this party: the pumpkin. It has a mouth and two eyes, so you can color it and decorate your books or room with it.

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