Princess Merida coloring

Princess Merida

Do you know the princess Merida?. It´s a brave girl who has to try to rescue his mother. Merida is a pretty girl and she is the best archer, too. So, today you can color her, but you should use great colors because i know that she likes them.

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Spring Rain coloring

Spring Rain

It is spring but the rain has appeared in this season, too. Mickey went out but he knew what it was going to happen. He picked up his umbrella and his boots, so he is happy because the rain cannot wet him today. So, the walk has to go on.

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Pluto and his toys coloring

Pluto and his toys

Pluto has picked up everything what he saw in the garden. He is a good dog but he cannot be quiet because he loves playing and maybe, he will use these things for playing this evening. A funny drawing which you can color and enjoy with Pluto.

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Rapunzel and her parents coloring

Rapunzel and her parents

It´s a sad story but finally, every fairy tale has its happy ending. Rapunzel finds her parents and they can´t avoid the tears because the girl hasn´t know them and it is a special moment for the family. Today, we are going to color this beautiful picture.

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Jigsaw Puzzle for girls coloring

Jigsaw Puzzle for girls

Today, you don´t have to color any picture but we want to give you a jigsaw puzzle for girls. You have to print and then paste it on cardboard. Finally, you can play whenever you want and you can invite your friends, too.

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Minnie Mouse makes dinner coloring

Minnie Mouse makes dinner

Today, Minnie wanted to make a different dinner so she thought that a barbecue was the perfect idea. There are drinks, on the table, and food, too. Burguers and bread are ready to be eaten. It smells good!.

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Princess Belle coloring

Princess Belle

Belle is the main character of Beauty and the Beast, but today she is alone or maybe, we can say that she is with a friend. We have to color them, but first we have to print this picture and then, color or share it.

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Minnie is dancing coloring

Minnie is dancing

Minnie is dancing because she has done everything what she had to do and now, she wants to have a good time with music. She is a good dancer and we can see her in this picture which we are going to color.

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Eric and Ariel are eating coloring

Eric and Ariel are eating

Eric and Ariel are eating but the first course is crab so Ariel cannot eat it, so she invents something quickly. She is brushing her hair with a knife while Eric cannot take his eye off her.

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Dumbo and his mom coloring

Dumbo and his mom

Dumbo and his mom are talking about life, because the little elephant has to learn many things and his mother wants to help him with words. Dumbo is a good elephant but he needs some encouragement.

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The Beauty coloring

The Beauty

A picture of The Beauty who is so pretty like her name. She is a girl with brown hair and brown eyes, too. Her lips are red and her dress and earrings are yellow. In this picture, we can see the castle, maybe The Beast lives there.

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Cinderella and the Prince coloring

Cinderella and the Prince

Cinderella and the Prince are in love and finally the can enjoy together so, we let you this beautiful picture. Good people always have a good ending and in this fairy tale cannot be different. we can share their happiness if we print it.

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