Bake day coloring

Bake day

This is the bake day in this town so everybody has to cook many cakes and they will be tasted by their neighbours. In this case, the neighbour which is tasting the cake is a bird. It has come to the window and it can see the dessert.

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Tomatoes for coloring coloring

Tomatoes for coloring

Tomatoes are good for our healthy so, we have to eat them occasionally. If you like them, you have to print this picture and give them color, while you know them a little more. Then, you can share it with your friends.

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Cupcake with cherry coloring

Cupcake for coloring

Today, you will be the chef, because we show you this cupcake and you have to complete it with colors and many details that you want. It´s a fantastic idea, isn´t it?. Don´t waste time and print it before coloring.

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Ice-cream is a delicious dessert coloring

Ice-cream is a delicious dessert

Here you are!. This is your dessert today and it consists in two ice-cream balls. It is look like so delicious and we let you color it according to your taste. What flavour do you like? you can choose them and print the picture for coloring.

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Hot dog for coloring coloring

Hot dog for coloring

If you want a hot dog…here you are. You can color it according its ingredients, but i can see ketchup and cheese or maybe it´s my imagination. It´s a fast food so we can eat it in special moments. You know that it´s unhealthy but it´s very tasty.

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A birthday cake for coloring coloring

A birthday cake for coloring

If you want to give a present, the birthday cake is the best gift in the world. It has many colors and flavors. This one has four candles, though you can draw many more. If it is an special party, you have to show an special dessert like this. What flavor do you like?.

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A sandwich for coloring coloring

A sandwich for coloring

It´s time to eat so if you are hungry and you don´t want to eat many calories…this is the solution. A sandwich with letucce, cheese and tomato, it´s so delicious and it´s so good for you healthy. Before eating the sandwich, you can color it if you want.

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