Friends and Love coloring

Friends and Love

They are friends but they share more things that they can imagine. They are playing football and they want the same ball but the don´t fight because he like her very much and we think that she likes him. A drawing of friendship that you can color and share it with your best friends.

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Eric and Ariel are eating coloring

Eric and Ariel are eating

Eric and Ariel are eating but the first course is crab so Ariel cannot eat it, so she invents something quickly. She is brushing her hair with a knife while Eric cannot take his eye off her.

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Love with special letters coloring

Love with special letters

Love is written with differents letters and we know they are an art. I think that this is a perfect picture for coloring and give it to a special person because we have to remind you that Valentine´s Day is soon.

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The Flintstones coloring

The Flintstones

The Flintstones were cartoons which enternained whole families because they were very funny. The main characteres were two couples with their sons and their pets. They don´t have cats or dogs but dinosaurs.

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A heart is skating coloring

A heart is skating

A different heart with eyes and lips, but the most important thing is that heart has got two legs for skating. So he can go faster when he wants to look for another person or a couple and give them so much love.

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Purple Heart coloring

Purple Heart

This picture is perfect to tell something to that special person. It´s a purple heart with movement and it will become in other three. It´s a romantic picture and you can share it with that special person who is in your mind.

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A mouse gives you a present coloring

A mouse gives you a present

A mouse has to tell you something. He cannot speak so he prefers to write it and they are two words. It´s an original way to give a present, with a heart shape and a piece of cheese. If you want to share it, you have to print it first. Let´s go!.

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