A girl is cooking coloring

A girl is cooking

It is a different night because the moon is bigger than yesterday, the bats can fly over it and a girl is cooking the dinner. The dinner is a bit different, too. It´s a kind of magic because it is Halloween time, so everybody enjoys it once a year.

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Helicopter coloring


We are going to color this helicopter which is flying over the trees. Maybe it is looking for someone who has lost in the forest and we hope that it can find that person. You can print this drawing and color it what you want, Do you like it?.

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Drinks for coloring coloring

Drinks for coloring

If you are thirsty, we are going to show this drinks. You can choose between a cup of coffee or if you like the smoothies you may prefer the strawberry flavor or maybe the lemon one. And finally, a big glass of ice-cream. Three options of desserts which you can color.

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How many cakes are there? coloring

How many cakes are there?

We like cakes because they are sweet and they smell so good. Today, we don´t have a cake but fifteen cakes and we are so hungry, but first, we have to color them before eating them. So, don´t waste time and let´s begin with this activity.

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House with many windows coloring

House with many windows

This house has got many windows, if we look closely, we can see nine of them in the main wall but on the roof, there are three windows, too. Perhaps, this house doesn´t need many lights inside because they are enough windows for it. Print it and color the house.

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The star of the party coloring

The star of the party

This is the star of the party because it is very happy and it can play the trumpet and beautiful songs which we don´t know where it learned but we like them. So, while we are listening to the music, we can color this special drawing.

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A princess with a chicken coloring

A princess with a chicken

This princess was walking down the garden when suddenly she listened a noise. She stopped and looked around until she found a little chicken who was alone. She rescued it and now, she loves it very much. They are the best friends and we can see it in this picture.

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Star with scarf coloring

Star with scarf

It´s winter so we have to wear gloves and scarf because it´s cold. The stars are cold, too so we can see them with a scarf which you have to color and then, you can share or maybe, you can print and decorate the Christmas tree. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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Sock with presents coloring

Sock with presents

Many families put presents under the tree but other families prefer to decorate the fireplace. The most important thing that we can put over this place is a sock, because there will be the presents for children in it. Now, you can color them and give it like a present.

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Halloween coloring


If you are looking for a decoration for your Halloween party, here it is. Today, we are going to color this picture in which we can see the name of a horror celebration but it is very funny, too. If you look at the letter, you can see that they are made of blood.

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Three Friends coloring

Three Friends

They are friends but in this picture they want the same thing. One of them has an orange juice and the others, too. They are looking at it but they don´t think of sharing the orange juice.

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Tulips for coloring coloring

Tulips for coloring

Tulips are flowers which have many colors. You can find them in red or yellow and in both colors at once. We want to give you this bouquet of tulips and now, you have to choose the colors that you want.

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Pumpkin for coloring coloring

Pumpkin for coloring

Halloween is a special night and today we want to give you a special drawing, too. It is the most important thing in this party: the pumpkin. It has a mouth and two eyes, so you can color it and decorate your books or room with it.

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Duck is sleeping coloring

Duck is sleeping

Perhaps, there isn´t any comfortable place for sleeping like that. The duck is on the moon and it has many stars for looking after him. If you like this drawing, you can print and then, color it.

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Shooting Star coloring

Shooting Star

A shooting star with scarf because we can see it in the sky and there, it is so cold. Sometimes we can see it but it´s something difficult, though if you can see it, you must make a wish.

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