Dog and Cat coloring

Dog and Cat

When we were young, our parents or our teachers tell us that cats and dogs aren´t friends. But this is not true at all because they have different character, we know, but when both grow up together they will get along each other. So, we can see it in this page for coloring.

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All about Tweety coloring

All about Tweety

Do you know all about Tweety?. Maybe, you know many thing about him. He is a little and yellow bird, but he doesn´t like cats. Well, one of them it is called Sylvester. So, Sylvester and Tweety love and hate each other. They fight but they care about another one. Do you understand that?.

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Tom and Jerry are enjoying the day coloring

Tom and Jerry are enjoying the day

It´s spring time and the flowers appear with great colors, the birds are singing and the sun is looking at us. So, it is the perfect day for going to the park. Tom and Jerry are enjoying with flowers and bees so now, you have to paint it.

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Hello Kitty is an angel coloring

Hello Kitty is an angel

We love Hello Kitty because she is a sweet doll and we can play with it every time we want it. Now, we are going to color her and today, she wears a different dress because she is an angel. A different and special angel for coloring.

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Girls with pets coloring

Girls with pets

These girls are playing with two cats and a mouse. These animals are their pets, so they spend many hours with the girls. Today, we don´t have to color any picture but we can share it.

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Doraemon is in love coloring

Doraemon is in love

Doraemon is in love and he cannot pretend it. In this picture, we can see him with a special friend. Both go to different places and go for a walk. It doesn´t matter what the can do if they do it together.

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Three cats for Barbie coloring

Three cats for Barbie

It´s a present for her though we can say that there are three, not just one. Barbie has three cats and she is so happy because she likes animals very much. Now, she is thinking of their name. What names do you like for them?.

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Hugs and Kisses coloring

Hugs and Kisses

If you want to tell him or her many things but you cannot have the right words, we will help you. In this picture we share many hugs and kisses to you. Do you like it?, then you can share it with your friends.

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Doraemon and Nobita coloring

Doraemon and Nobita

Doraemon and his friend Nobita goes by car but we can see that this car goes too fast and Doraemon is going to be sick. Meanwhile, Nobita is enjoying the trip and he is smiling all the time. A funny drawing for coloring and sharing if you want.

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Tom And Jerry shake their hands coloring

Tom And Jerry shake their hands

Tom and Jerry usually fight but they love each other…we know that and today, we want to show this picture. Both are shaking their hands and we know that they do it because they feel it. A colored picture for children.

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it´s party time coloring

it´s party time

It´s party time and Doraemon is ready fot that. He is so happy and we can see the smile of his lips and the songs that he is singing. The only thing that he needs is some color in this picture, so you have the power for that.

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Doraemon has a date coloring

Doraemon has a date

Doraemon is so happy because he has a blind date. It´s the first time and he hopes that everything goes well. He wears a suit with a bow-tie and a hat. The flowers couldn´t miss, so it´s time to go. Good Luck!.

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Three little cats coloring

Three little cats

They are three cats, but two of them are boys and the third one, is a pretty girl. She wears a pink loop on her head and we know that the two boys are in love with her. She is very rich, so she is going to invite them to her house for eating a delicious food.

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Hello Kitty is having breakfast coloring

Hello Kitty is having breakfast

Hello Kitty and her friend is having breakfast. We have to begin the day with a delicious breakfast and for that, we have to eat toasts, eggs and some fruit. Our Hello Kitty knows it and so a tasty breakfast appears on her table. If you like it, you can color it.

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