Shrek with his friend coloring

Shrek with his friend

Shrek is big and he has a green skin, so he is different but he is a good person, so he has got many friends. One of them is Cat and in this picture we can see the ogre and the animal, together and very happy. So, we are going to color them.

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Two little children coloring

Two little children

Two little children are in love because they are together every day. They spend much time: at school or in the park, but everybody isn´t happy because the cat is angry. It is angry because the girl doesn´t want to play with it.

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Brother and sister coloring

Brother and sister

The brother and sister are looking at the pets. They have a cat and a rabbit, but it is the cat which is playing and it is so funny. The rabbit is looking at it, too. They are spending a great moment because it is a family moment which we have to print and color.

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The stars and a cat coloring

The stars and a cat

The stars are around the cat for saving it. It is a wonderful night and our cat wanted to look for a comfortable place and he found it. The moon is the best bed for it and now, we have to color the animal, the moon and the stars.

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A witch coloring

A witch

Witches and black cats are the main characters in Halloween. This is a special night and it´s a scared night, too. In this picture, we can see a witch who is flying with a cat on a broom.

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Barbie and friends coloring

Barbie and her friends

Barbie has got many friends and they share her secrets. We can see them in this picture but one of them is sleeping and Barbie doesn´t want to wake up. The cat is sleeping, too, so they don´t make so much noise.

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Jerry is scared coloring

Jerry is scared

Oh my God!, what is Jerry looking at?. Maybe he is looking at Tom and he is going to catch him…we don´t know but the only thing that we know is that he is scared. While we find out, we will color it.

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Tweety is playing coloring

Tweety is playing

Tweety is a bird which lives many adventures but today he is playing with his toys. One of them is a cat, a little Sylvester. The canary plays with it every morning and afternoon…he enjoys with the toy.

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The cat and the bird coloring

The cat and the bird

A wonderful picture where we can find a cat which is looking at the bird because it has many colours such as the flower. The little cat cannot take his eyes off them, so if you feel the same, you can color them.

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Disney Party coloring

Disney Party

There is a party and everything is ready. There are many balloons and the guests are having fun…or not?. The duck isn´t having fun and we don´t know why, meanwhile Silvestre is dancing and very happy. A picture for sharing with your friends.

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Two presents coloring

Two presents

A couple has two presents for themselves. The girl has bought a cat and the boy has bought a dog…maybe they have shared the same idea or the same thought. They are in love, so they will like the present.

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Shy cat coloring

Shy cat

We can see a shy cat, who is looking at you because he can say anything. He is so shy that he wants to tell you many things but he cannot. He brings you a present…that is a chocolate box. A big heart for you and a big picture, too.

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Barbie is giving her cat a present coloring

Barbie is giving her cat a present

Barbie is giving her cat a present, and we can see it in this picture. It´s a ring which shines like the sun, but we hope that the cat doesn´t lose it. Barbie has thought of it so she is attaching it to its neck. Give them color and you will have a perfect picture.

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