Three cats for Barbie coloring

Three cats for Barbie

It´s a present for her though we can say that there are three, not just one. Barbie has three cats and she is so happy because she likes animals very much. Now, she is thinking of their name. What names do you like for them?.

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Ratatouille for coloring coloring

Ratatouille for coloring

Ratatouille is an animated film in which a mouse helps a cook for being the best in the world. Here, you can see the main character with a spoon in her hand and he is looking the Eiffel Tower…it´s a picture for coloring.

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Dora The Explorer coloring

Dora The Explorer

Dora is a girl who wants to live many adventures everyday, but she isn´t alone because her friends go with her. In this picture we can see her with a smile and a heart because she loves everybody and everybody loves her.

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Barbie Card coloring

Barbie Card

Barbie wants to wish you happy birthday and you can do the same if you print this card and color it. Maybe, you can put it in the present or give it to your friends…this is your decision. A perfect picture for girls.

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Feelings coloring


How are you today? we hope that you are fine or great because you have to do this worksheet. It´s easy, so you have to draw the feeling that you can see on the left side and you can color them after drawing the faces.

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Cupcake with cherry coloring

Cupcake for coloring

Today, you will be the chef, because we show you this cupcake and you have to complete it with colors and many details that you want. It´s a fantastic idea, isn´t it?. Don´t waste time and print it before coloring.

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Horse for coloring coloring

Horse for coloring

Today we are going to color an animal. This is our horse and we can color it in different ways. On the one hand, we can see brown horses but, on the other hand there are black horses, too. What color do you like fot it?.

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A taxi for coloring coloring

A taxi for coloring

When your parents don´t want to drive the taxi will be there for them. A taxi driver will be the person who can drive instead of them. The taxi is used in big cities where nobody can park because there are many cars. Let´s go for a ride!.

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The Pink Panther coloring

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a comedy and an original serie. The Panther is a happy animal which has to live many adventures because the Inspector Jacques pursues the Panther but she always gets away.

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Doraemon and Nobita coloring

Doraemon and Nobita

Doraemon and his friend Nobita goes by car but we can see that this car goes too fast and Doraemon is going to be sick. Meanwhile, Nobita is enjoying the trip and he is smiling all the time. A funny drawing for coloring and sharing if you want.

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A camel and Pyramids coloring

A camel and Pyramids

A new coloring page for kids, where we can see a different place. It´s Egypt and we know it because we can see the pyramids over there. In front of them, a camel is resting. A place that we would like to visit once in our life.

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Purple Heart coloring

Purple Heart

This picture is perfect to tell something to that special person. It´s a purple heart with movement and it will become in other three. It´s a romantic picture and you can share it with that special person who is in your mind.

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Tom And Jerry shake their hands coloring

Tom And Jerry shake their hands

Tom and Jerry usually fight but they love each other…we know that and today, we want to show this picture. Both are shaking their hands and we know that they do it because they feel it. A colored picture for children.

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