A letter with love coloring

A letter with love

People don´t write many letters as ten years ago. We can find many stories and feelings in it, because the pen could express what we can´t do with words. In this letter we can find so much love with heart and butterflies, which you can share if you want.

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Butterfly with hearts coloring

Butterfly with hearts

If you like the butterflies, maybe, this one like you so much because it has got many heart around its wings and in its antennae. You can color them like you want but if you like the color, give it many. Print it and begin with this activity.

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Little Butterfly coloring

Little Butterfly

Is it a butterfly?, is it a girl?, we think that it is a combination of both. On the one hand, she has got wings and on the other hand, she has a dress and two arms and feet. A drawing for children.

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Butterfly mask coloring

Butterfly mask

This is a special mask because it has a wonderful butterfly and you have to color it. Besides, the butterfly isn´t alone because the flowers and stars are with it. If you want to dress up, here you will find the perfect mask.

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Angel with a butterfly coloring

Angel with a butterfly

An angel is sitting in the cloud and he is boring, but suddenly, a butterfly appears and the angel isn´t alone. Now he is talking with her and the butterfly cannot understand him but she doesn´t move like if she could listen to him.

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Rapunzel is drawing a butterfly coloring

Rapunzel is drawing a butterfly

Rapunzel doesn´t need a ladder because she has long hair and she can use it for many things. In that picture, she is drawing a butterfly in the wall. It´s an original picture that every girl can print it and then, decorate her room.

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