All about Tweety coloring

All about Tweety

Do you know all about Tweety?. Maybe, you know many thing about him. He is a little and yellow bird, but he doesn´t like cats. Well, one of them it is called Sylvester. So, Sylvester and Tweety love and hate each other. They fight but they care about another one. Do you understand that?.

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Cinderella has a new skirt coloring

Cinderella has a new skirt

She is so happy because everything is going to be perfect. Cinderella is in love and now, she has a different life because she doesn´t have to work so hard and she wears dresses and wonderful skirts like it. It is a beautiful picture where a bird gives us a flower, too.

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Sofía the First coloring

Sofía the First

The little princess is wearing a beautiful dress with many diamonds because today there is a ball in the palace. She isn´t alone because her friends wanted to take the picture with her, too. It´s a perfect picture but it needs some colors, so are you ready?.

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A couple of birds coloring

A couple of birds

Today we are going to color two birds because we like them and their songs. They have got many colours and they are free so they can fly where they want. First, you can print this picture and then, you can give it some color.

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Picnic coloring


It´s spring and today it´s sunny and hot, so our friends are having fun with a picnic. They have got much food and juice, but suddenly they hear a noise and other Angry Birds are coming. It doesn´t matter because there is much food for everybody.

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A duck coloring

A duck

Today we are going to color an animal. It is the duck and it can have different colors, though we know it in white and with its peak in yellow. But today just you can choose which color prefer. It´s your draw, so it´s your choose.

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Little Angel coloring

Little Angel

A little angel who is a girl was sitting on the cloud when she heard a noise. She stands up and looks at the sky but she cannot know what that noise was, when suddenly, she looked around the cloud and she can see a little bird which was lost.

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A cock for coloring coloring

A cock for coloring

This is the king of the farm because he has many colors and a special song every morning. The hens are in love with him and he knows it but it doesn´t matter because he is free and he will go on doing his job.

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Princess Hello Kitty coloring

Princess Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty wants to tell you happy birthday and she wanted to do it in a special way. She wears a beautiful dress with a crown over her head and some pearls on her ear. A wonderful postcard for your friends…it´s the perfect present.

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Angry Birds are flying coloring

Angry Birds are flying

This is a picture from the funny game: Angry Birds. This animals have many adventures and we can enjoy with it, but now it´s time to relax and just you have to print this picture and color it. It´s another way to have fun with the same characters

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Tweety wears a bow-tie coloring

Tweety wears a bow-tie

Where is the party? we don´t know but maybe Tweety knows that, because he is ready for a big party. He wears a special bow-tie which has stars and little things for coloring. Besides, Tweety wears a hat…our bird is handsome.

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Tweety is angry coloring

Tweety is angry

We don´t know what is happening but if we see this picture, we can see that Tweety is very angry. It´s something strange because he likes enjoying the time but today it isn´t so. We can help him and for that, we have to print this picture and color it.

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