Easy verbs coloring

Easy verbs

This worksheet is for learning verbs. First, we can write it and then, when we learn it, we will know how to use it. It´s an easy task and it is for little kids and it´s a resource for teachers or parents. You have to print it and you will be able to do it.

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Picnic coloring


It´s spring and today it´s sunny and hot, so our friends are having fun with a picnic. They have got much food and juice, but suddenly they hear a noise and other Angry Birds are coming. It doesn´t matter because there is much food for everybody.

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Hugs and Kisses coloring

Hugs and Kisses

If you want to tell him or her many things but you cannot have the right words, we will help you. In this picture we share many hugs and kisses to you. Do you like it?, then you can share it with your friends.

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Lion and Lioness coloring

Lion and Lioness

The lion and the lioness are ready for the picture. They are together and they are in love and this feeling can be felt by everybody who sees the picture. Today, you don´t have to color it, but you can print and give it to your friends.

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A duck coloring

A duck

Today we are going to color an animal. It is the duck and it can have different colors, though we know it in white and with its peak in yellow. But today just you can choose which color prefer. It´s your draw, so it´s your choose.

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Little Angel coloring

Little Angel

A little angel who is a girl was sitting on the cloud when she heard a noise. She stands up and looks at the sky but she cannot know what that noise was, when suddenly, she looked around the cloud and she can see a little bird which was lost.

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Tom And Jerry shake their hands coloring

Tom And Jerry shake their hands

Tom and Jerry usually fight but they love each other…we know that and today, we want to show this picture. Both are shaking their hands and we know that they do it because they feel it. A colored picture for children.

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Doraemon has a date coloring

Doraemon has a date

Doraemon is so happy because he has a blind date. It´s the first time and he hopes that everything goes well. He wears a suit with a bow-tie and a hat. The flowers couldn´t miss, so it´s time to go. Good Luck!.

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Little Mermaid coloring

Little Mermaid

An amazing picture of little mermaid who is singing and dancing under the sea with her friends. Everybody dances to the rhythm of the special song and they are so happy because they enjoy spending time with this girl.

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A cock for coloring coloring

A cock for coloring

This is the king of the farm because he has many colors and a special song every morning. The hens are in love with him and he knows it but it doesn´t matter because he is free and he will go on doing his job.

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The frog is jumping coloring

The frog is jumping

We were walking around the forest when we saw a beautiful river, so we went near the river and suddenly, a frog were jumping. We can take a picture of the moment and that is. It´s a funny moment so we cannot stop laughing.

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Angry Birds are flying coloring

Angry Birds are flying

This is a picture from the funny game: Angry Birds. This animals have many adventures and we can enjoy with it, but now it´s time to relax and just you have to print this picture and color it. It´s another way to have fun with the same characters

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Tweety wears a bow-tie coloring

Tweety wears a bow-tie

Where is the party? we don´t know but maybe Tweety knows that, because he is ready for a big party. He wears a special bow-tie which has stars and little things for coloring. Besides, Tweety wears a hat…our bird is handsome.

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Dolphin is playing coloring

Dolphin is playing

The dolphin is playing with the ball every day and after that, he gets a reward that it will be a fish. Because of that, he plays alone or with other partners but he always waits for his lunch. He is so intelligent and we know it.

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What is that? coloring

What is that?

We don´t know what is hidden in this picture. If you want to know what there is in this picture, you have to connect the dots and you will get good results. Just we can see the eyes…Do you know that?.

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Three little cats coloring

Three little cats

They are three cats, but two of them are boys and the third one, is a pretty girl. She wears a pink loop on her head and we know that the two boys are in love with her. She is very rich, so she is going to invite them to her house for eating a delicious food.

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A knight in the battle coloring

A knight in the battle

A knight with shield and a spear is ready for starting the battle. His horse is running towards the enemies. We can see them, but I think that this man is going to win the battle, because he is strong and he has everything for that.

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