A frog with hearts coloring

A frog with hearts

This is a frog but it has something different. It is sitting on the ground but if you can look at it, you will see that there are many heart over its legs. So, you have to color the frog and after that, yo have to color the hearts. Do you like the idea?.

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Butterflies and flowers coloring

Butterflies and flowers

We love the butterflies because they have many colors and they are beautiful, too. So, in this picture we can see how they are on the flowers. Their food is in them, so this view is perfect for us. You have to color it and then, you can give to your friends. Are you ready?.

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Sock with presents coloring

Sock with presents

Many families put presents under the tree but other families prefer to decorate the fireplace. The most important thing that we can put over this place is a sock, because there will be the presents for children in it. Now, you can color them and give it like a present.

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A snake for coloring coloring

A snake for coloring

It´s dangerous but now, we get the power because we can print and color ir. It´s a snake which is coiled on the tree and it can see its victims for attacking them. Maybe, if you look into its eyes, you could see that it isn´t as dangerous as it seems.

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Bambi for coloring coloring

Bambi for coloring

Bambi is resting on the grass with her friend, the rabbit Thumper. She is yawning because she is sleepy, but the birds is coming for playing with her. A nice deer which lives in the forest and now, we can color it if we print it and then share with friends.

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