Count it and multiply it coloring

Count it and multiply it

It´s an easy activity in which you have to connect the dots for making squares. When you finish this task, you have to count and finally, multiply it. If you think that it isn´t easy, follow the instructions, and you will do it in five minutes.

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Missing vowels coloring

Missing vowels

In this exercises the vowels are missing and you have to find them. First, you have to look at each picture and the task will be easier. Write the names about winter things or clothes and you will finish this exercise. It´s so easy, so, don´t waste the time.

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Fruit and vegetables for coloring coloring

Fruit and vegetables for coloring

Perhaps, you cannot see the fruit or the vegetables but, they are there. This exercise is to complete with the colors on the right side and when you finally, that, you will be able to see all vegetables. Print and begin it with the first color…are you ready for that?.

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Drinks for coloring coloring

Drinks for coloring

If you are thirsty, we are going to show this drinks. You can choose between a cup of coffee or if you like the smoothies you may prefer the strawberry flavor or maybe the lemon one. And finally, a big glass of ice-cream. Three options of desserts which you can color.

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How many cakes are there? coloring

How many cakes are there?

We like cakes because they are sweet and they smell so good. Today, we don´t have a cake but fifteen cakes and we are so hungry, but first, we have to color them before eating them. So, don´t waste time and let´s begin with this activity.

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The star of the party coloring

The star of the party

This is the star of the party because it is very happy and it can play the trumpet and beautiful songs which we don´t know where it learned but we like them. So, while we are listening to the music, we can color this special drawing.

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Duck for coloring by numbers coloring

Duck for coloring by numbers

Today we are going to color this duck but we cannot use any color but we have to follow the instructions. It´s an easy activity but you have to follow the numbers for coloring the animal. Then, perhaps your mother give you a present for that job. Let´s begin!.

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Teddy Bears and leaves coloring

Teddy Bears and leaves

This is a sheet for toddlers because they have to learn the numbers and count the Teddy Bears and leaves which are in this picture. It is an easy and funny activity so we hope that children can enjoy with it and with the numbers, too.

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Animals coloring


This is the new activity for kids in which they have to take the animals to their places. It is easy, isn´t it?. Besides, children can learn the animals names an after that, they could write them without any help. Print it and begin with the fun.

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Number one coloring

Number one

This is the number one but this dog wants it for him. We have to hurry if we want to color this picture, because the dog is very fast. Don´t waste time and prepare your colored chalks.

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Heart and stars coloring

Heart and stars

A heart and some stars are the characters of this picture. On the one hand, the heart is like a planet and the stars go around it. Perhaps, if you see to the sky, you will be able to find them.

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Red car coloring

Red car

If you want a red car, here it is. It is an easy activity because you have to print this drawing and then, you have to paste it in a cardboard. You can give it to your friends or collect it, because this one won´t be the only one.

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Exercise with sign coloring

Exercise with sign

This is a different activity because you have to read the fingers. Below them, you have to write the number and finally, you will have to do the multiplication. But, first, you have to remember to print it.

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How to draw a rose coloring

How to draw a rose

If you want to draw a rose but you don´t know how, here it is a tutorial. It´s a draw which you have to follow step by step…it´s so easy. When you practice twice, you will be able to draw it with close eyes.

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