Two bears and one heart coloring

Two bears and one heart

They are in love, because animals can feel this, too. in this picture we can see two bears who are looking into their eyes, so they share the only one look and heart. It´s so special but it isn´t complete and we know what we have to do. Add colors and the picture will be perfect.

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A mummy and an Egyptian coloring

A mummy and an Egyptian

It´s a funny picture about a mummy and an Egyptian. He is looking at the place but he doesn´t know what it´s going to happen. A silent mummy is near and she brings a surprise for him. A big scare!. What is Egyptian going to do?. Poor boy!.

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The firefighter is ready coloring

The firefighter is ready

The firefighter is ready for starting his job. He is very important when the fire is coming, but, the hosepipe is very important, too. It carries the water which is the fire enemy, so, we can help him with happy colours. We said that he is ready, and you?.

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A big castle for coloring coloring

A big castle for coloring

Today, we are going to color a big castle. It has a big tower, but behind it, there are many more. The king and the queen lived there with their children and they were very happy. So, if you want to be so happy like them, you can begin to color this picture.

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A little house for coloring coloring

A little house for coloring

Today, we are going to color this picture. It is a little house with two little windows and a door on the right side. A woman is watering plants and flowers, while a butterfly is flying over them. It´s a special coloring page for girls, so if you like it, print it and enjoy it.

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A beautiful place coloring

A beautiful place

When we see this picture, just we can think of a fantasy place, where the grass has a special green and de flowers has special colors, too. There isn´t any noise, only the birds who are singing wonderful songs. If you want to feel that, print it and decorate your books with it.

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Batman is coming coloring

Batman is coming

Batman is here and he has come back for staying. He is one of our favorite superheroes, because he always lives many adventures. He has to fight against his enemies for a better world and we trust him, so we think that he will get it. Meanwhile, you can color him.

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A birthday cake for coloring coloring

A birthday cake for coloring

If you want to give a present, the birthday cake is the best gift in the world. It has many colors and flavors. This one has four candles, though you can draw many more. If it is an special party, you have to show an special dessert like this. What flavor do you like?.

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Barbie and her new dress coloring

Barbie and her new dress

Barbie has a new dress, but it isn´t a simple dress. It is a prom dress which has many colors and a long tail. Besides, she wears a handbag which has the same color as the dress. She has long hair, so she is pretty. She is ready for enjoying with her friends…and you?.

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Practicing carrying coloring

Practicing carrying

Do you like Maths?. If the answer is true, you can practice with this worksheet and if the answer is no, you have to practice more than ever, because you have to be ready for next exams. In this site, teachers and parents will find many educational activities for kids.

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A dog is eating and barking coloring

A dog is eating and barking

Today, we are going to color a little dog. It is very funny, but now it is eating and all noises annoy it. It thinks than another dog can steal its food, so we can help it. Just we have to choose many colors for coloring it. If you have a good time, you can begin with it.

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An angel for Christmas coloring

An angel for Christmas

An angel is a good idea for decorating our house or the big tree at Christmas. We show you a little angel who gives us a ball with many colors…Oh wait! they have gone, so you can work so hard for returning the bright colors to this picture. Get started with it right now!.

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This bird is in love coloring

This bird is in love

In this picture we can see many hearts, and we wonder why…well, it is in love and it is very happy. We can change the name, because here, the little bird isn´t angry but happy. You can print it for coloring and then you can use it for decorating your room. It is a good idea, isn´t it?.

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