A letter with love coloring

A letter with love

People don´t write many letters as ten years ago. We can find many stories and feelings in it, because the pen could express what we can´t do with words. In this letter we can find so much love with heart and butterflies, which you can share if you want.

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Butterfly with hearts coloring

Butterfly with hearts

If you like the butterflies, maybe, this one like you so much because it has got many heart around its wings and in its antennae. You can color them like you want but if you like the color, give it many. Print it and begin with this activity.

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Two little children coloring

Two little children

Two little children are in love because they are together every day. They spend much time: at school or in the park, but everybody isn´t happy because the cat is angry. It is angry because the girl doesn´t want to play with it.

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Friends and Love coloring

Friends and Love

They are friends but they share more things that they can imagine. They are playing football and they want the same ball but the don´t fight because he like her very much and we think that she likes him. A drawing of friendship that you can color and share it with your best friends.

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Rose for coloring coloring

Rose for coloring

We love plants and flowers, so we would like to share this picture. It is a rose and we have to color it. Maybe, when we finish, we can give someone whom likes it, too. But, we have to be careful with the thorns.

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All you need is love coloring

All you need is love

This picture can be perfect if you want to surprise someone. All you need is love…this is a wonderful message, so we are going to color it and then, we can give it to that special person that we have in our mind.

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The tree with flowers coloring

The tree with flowers

This is a different tree because it is special and wonderful. It has got many flowers that you can collect and give to someone special. Flowers with different colors that you can choose. Just, you have to print this picture.

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Love with special letters coloring

Love with special letters

Love is written with differents letters and we know they are an art. I think that this is a perfect picture for coloring and give it to a special person because we have to remind you that Valentine´s Day is soon.

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A bunch of pink flowers coloring

A bunch of pink flowers

Today, you don´t have to color this picture, you just have to draw it in another sheet. Do you like that idea?. It´s something different for children who like learning how to draw. A pretty bunch of pink roses for you and foy your friends.

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A kid is praying coloring

A kid is praying

There is different kind of love and this kid shows us his love for God. He prays everyday before going to bed because he likes doing it and his mother reminds him. You can share this picture and color it.

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Spreading the love coloring

Spreading the love

We are in the clouds with the Care Bears and here we can see what the world needs. I think that the world needs love and the bears think of it, too, so they are spreading many hearts for people and we hope that you can take one of them.

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Hugs and Kisses coloring

Hugs and Kisses

If you want to tell him or her many things but you cannot have the right words, we will help you. In this picture we share many hugs and kisses to you. Do you like it?, then you can share it with your friends.

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A heart is skating coloring

A heart is skating

A different heart with eyes and lips, but the most important thing is that heart has got two legs for skating. So he can go faster when he wants to look for another person or a couple and give them so much love.

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Purple Heart coloring

Purple Heart

This picture is perfect to tell something to that special person. It´s a purple heart with movement and it will become in other three. It´s a romantic picture and you can share it with that special person who is in your mind.

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Two presents coloring

Two presents

A couple has two presents for themselves. The girl has bought a cat and the boy has bought a dog…maybe they have shared the same idea or the same thought. They are in love, so they will like the present.

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Mailbox coloring


The postman has arrived and has brought some news. The letters has many hearts so we think that it´s Valentine´s Day and a person want to show what he feels. A romantic drawing which we can color it and give to a special person.

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An innocent kiss coloring

An innocent kiss

They are partners but the boy feels something stronger than friendship. He is only ten years old, so he can know what he feels, but we know it. He gave her a heart and she gave him a kiss…it´s the perfect present for both.

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