Apples coloring


This is de letter A, it is the firt one but it isn´t the only one because it comes with many friends. They are the apples which we can write with this letter. You have to color this fruit with green or red color…you can choose it.

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Name Gladys coloring

Name Gladys

If your name is Gladys here it is a picture with it. A beautiful name which means the sensitive nature and people with this name is optimist and with big knowledge but we can say that Gladys means the happiness. Now, you can print it or give it to someone.

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Is your name Kevin? coloring

Is your name Kevin?

If the answer is yes, you have to know what this name means. Kevin is a name which means concentration and the people who are called Kevin are stronger and they feel more important than other people. They love the friendship and they are brave, too.

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Letter A of Angel coloring

Letter A of Angel

We can say or write many words with the letter A. One of these, it is in the drawing and it is an angel, a little angel which we have to color and then, we can practice with the letter while we say many words which begin with a.

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Letter F for coloring coloring

Letter F for coloring

It is the letter F but besides, we can see a clown who is doing some exercises and with his body can make different letters like this one. If your name begins with the letter f, or if you like this drawing, you can print and color it.

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Dylan coloring


If your son is Dylan, you can print this picture for decorating his room or maybe his books. Dylan is a beautiful name which means son of the sea and it´s an old hero. This name has got many variants such as Dillon or Dyllon. It is so popular that here it is.

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Letter U coloring

Letter U

Many names begin with the letter U. One of those names is for a thing that we use when it is raining: Umbrella. In this picture, the boy has got one. It is the second letter in the name of the animal which follows the kid. Do you know it?.

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Letter Z coloring

Letter Z

Many names begins with the letter Z but today, we don´t talk about them but just about a sound when somebody is sleeping. In this picture we can see two letters: one is bigger than the another one.

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Ashley coloring


If your name is Ashley, you are a lucky girl because, we want to give you this sheet for coloring. You have to print and then, color it. This is a special sheet and it is a present for you.

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Letter D coloring

Letter D

With the letter D we can write many names and adjetives, but today, we show you a picture about just only one name. The duck is a noun and the animal that we have to color because it begins with the letter D.

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Letter R coloring

Letter R

We are going to color the letter R. If your name begins with this letter, you can print and color it. The letter isn´t alone because there is a pretty she-bear behind it with a rose in her hands.

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Letter E coloring

Letter E

Today, we are going to color the letter E. There are many words which begin with with letter such as elephant or enemy. If your name begins with this letter, you can print it and decorate your room.

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